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Adam Wolf
Electronics nerd and improv enthusiast
Electronics nerd and improv enthusiast


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$2000 Open Hardware Grant 

I implore you to share this.  If we do not get enough entries we will not grant this year.
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I'm looking to add support for ChipKIT to FastSPI_LED.  I assume the place to start is with the latest RC4 release?

+Brian Schmalz 

Hi folks!

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+Wayne and Layne made a one-off gadget for a local non-profit improv theater.  +Andrea Struss helped us out with only minor injuries!
Here it is - this is something I've had in my sketch book since long before we opened the theater and these guys delivered it last night.
After we put it through some paces they can be more widely available if anyone in theater would be interested.

The master unit (with the smaller buttons) lives in the tech booth - when the tech/stage manager presses the numeral button the corresponding light flashes on both the unit in the green room and the master unit until the backstage button is pressed to confirm someone saw it and understands the time call.
When the cast presses "Places" to confirm, all the number lights switch off and you're ready for the next show.

There is also a call button on the top of the backstage unit so the cast can call for the tech/stage manager to come back for something - and a master reset key to just start over.

They operate on two wireless boards that connect to one another when they are powered up, have a range of about 150 ft (Adam will correct me if I'm wrong on any of these specs) and if one loses power it will connect and sync with the master unit when it is powered up again.

This will save about 10 years of walking back and forth to the green room to call times over the life of the theater, plus it frees up the tech/stage manager from being in the back right before the start of show, which is right when the most questions, issues, etc they would need to attend to out front happen.

I can't thank you guys enough, I literally burst into giggles and clapping to myself in excitement when I came in this morning and saw it sitting on the desk.


This was a Wayne and Layne ( project, so that's +Adam Wolf  and Matthew Beckler with the help of Andrea Struss.
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Glass waiters, I think you might like this story--better than I do, at least.

I picked up my Glass last Friday in NYC.  It was super awesome, went for a walk on the High Line like everyone else, and then put them away before I headed to the airport.

I'm at the airport, and none of the charging ports work to charge my stuff, so I decide to play with Glass before the plane arrives.  I see the battery is nearly dead, and a minute in, I get a "Glass Home is not responding. Wait or close?"  I chose wait, and the screen turned off.  The screen turned back on, with a progress bar.  A few minutes in, the screen turns off again--before the progress bar filled up.

Turns out, that was a firmware update, and it never asked me if I wanted to update, it didn't check the battery level, or if it was plugged into the wall.  Since this point, all my Glass has done is display a gray square on bootup, but it doesn't actually start.

I do Android hardware as part of my day job, so I looked at fastbooting it, but fastboot wasn't enabled.

I called Glass Support Saturday morning, and they had me charge the device, drain it, reset it, do stuff online, and then told me to do it all again tomorrow and maybe they'd do an RMA then.

Sunday, I called, and after walking through all the resets again, they said they'd file the RMA, and I would hear more about it "in a day".

Monday, I called, and they said "Oh, your RMA will be processed today, don't worry."

Tuesday, I called, asking about my RMA, and they apologized, and processed it.  I asked when I'd likely get Glass again, and they said, "Well, we have to process the RMA, then it takes a day or two to ship, and then it'll get to you in a day or two."

I believe worse than being a Glass waiter is playing with your Glass for an hour and then being a Glass waiter again :)

Does anyone know who Google sends RMA'ed devices through? UPS? Fedex?

I'm going to the NYC site on Friday to pick up my Glass.  Is there by any chance a place for me to pick up some Google merch?  Father's Day is Sunday...
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