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A transplanted Texan - I have done a lot in my life and am happy with the put come, though it did not go as planned
A transplanted Texan - I have done a lot in my life and am happy with the put come, though it did not go as planned

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Still dealing with the white stuff, so i ask the question, Is it really Spring or did someone mess with the Calender?

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mish mosh or have you ever wondered?
Wonder - a marvelous thing, how much do you? Not wander, wonder about just about every thing. I was told that such a thing is spelled out, in Jewish literature as a gift of the Spirit, i never knew... But i ask questions and i experiment and constantly ask ...

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perhaps i see things differently than you
The morning light, soft and gentle, caresses my eyes with shadows that seem some what muted, to my eyes. The early light, beckons me, from my slumber and calls me out of my warm bed. I do not return during the day, for the light of days, tells me to come an...

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Black bean soup
Black Bean Soup ·        1 bag of dried black beans ·        1 can crushed tomatoes (16 oz or more) ·        1 bunch cilantro, minced ·        6 cloves garlic ·        2 tablespoon chili powder ·        2 tablespoons cumin ·        1 tablespoon salt ·      ...

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never wrote it down
CLAM SAUCE WITH LINGUINI for 1 pound pasta ·        16
oz clams (frozen, fresh OR canned) whole and chopped §        if
frozen or fresh, add  6 oz of clam juice ·        1/2 red onion, minced ·        1
oz canned anchovies ·        2
oz capers  with half th...

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he never took a course on preaching...yet
that is the priest at the small episcopal church i attend and yet each Sunday and when he speaks at a Wednesday service - what he shares is strong... THE HEART OF THE MATTER (A) Matt. 4:1-11 3/5/17 Lent I           The story of the temptation of Christ

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we are faced with our own failing daily
least ways, i am. Someone shared that someone, who i had worked with died recently, the name did not bring a face, did not bring a memory. It was not until the next morning, the person's memories came to me, this is normal... mornings are good, evenings bad...

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so often

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