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Michael Deis
25 years of international public opinion research experience
25 years of international public opinion research experience
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+Mike Elgan Given the hacks of the DNC and Clinton server, I think your thesis that governments and institutions will no longer be able to keep secrets is being proven. Perhaps it's time to revisit that notion with the Presidential campaign as a case study. I'd certainly be interested in your thoughts on the situation and the degree to which state actors are using the information for their own ends. 

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Google appears to be slanting search results in favor of +Hillary Clinton For President 2016

+Leo Laporte +Mike Elgan +TWiT 

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An interesting critique of socialism by Garry Kasparov -- follow the link for the article

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Story idea: Propagandizing 6 year olds against their tech industry parents. Disturbing. Perhaps they need alternative day care centers which will educate children in the right of individuals to pursue "life, liberty, and happiness"? Where would San Francisco be without the #tech industry?

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Joshua Wong sees a thirty year struggle with China.

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Legal differences on data handling in Europe and the US revealed by latest EU pronouncement.

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Why Refugees Can't Fly to Europe: The Impact of EU Directives 

#EU   #refugeecrisis  

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Does Silicon Valley corporate social responsibility extend to the Syrian refugee crisis?

We met Khaldoon Sinjab in a small apartment in Beirut. He escaped Syria's war two years ago.

He's quadriplegic - and makes a living using the only muscles that still function - his mouth and tongue.

He taught himself English and developed a system where from his hospital bed he can use his mouth and tongue on a mouse pad to move the cursor on a computer screen so that he can do his job.

He works 15 hours a day as a computer programmer to provide for his family, his wife Yosra and daughter Judy.

But Lebanon has rolling power cuts and when the electricity goes out, so too do the machines keeping Khaldoon alive.

#refugeecrisis   #siliconvalley   #CSR  

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IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Alumni 4th in Global Venture Capital Invested 

#venturecapital   #india  
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