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Project #5/Field Trip #6: You’re the Curator!
                                         " Strange Creations of the Egyptian Minds " On my trip to the MET museum I was given the assignment of imagining myself as a curator, putting together my own exhibit . With this I then created a theme and gather ten ...

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Field Trip 5
       During our trip to the Whitney Museum of art , we explored the exhibit " Rituals of Rented Islands". This exhibit displayed works from the 1970's through the 1980's of artists who took part in New York's performing arts. From this show the three happ...

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Art food yumm
Basic Sunday Dinner : in this blog post i will be giving a step by step collage of how to prepare a simple sunday dinner consisting of  fried Pork Chops, Rice and beans , and String beans. step one : thaw out and and season the pork chops ingredients 2 pack...

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Les Galleries - Class Trip #4
Les Galleries - Class Trip #4 Les Galleries in comparison to the Galleries in Chelsea had many differenced.  The work in Les Galleries seemed to be more abstract in comparison to those in Chelsea’s galleries.  The art work that I saw in the Les galleries ha...

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Design in Our Lives”; The Museum of Modern Art
Ergonomics - the study of peoples work efficiency in their work environment. LOW FUNCTIONALITY : - The Post War Kitchen  One of the first things that caught my attention on the design floor of the MOMA was the Post War Kitchen. From my first glance and unde...

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Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary
Extra Credit 1            Of all the artworks from the Magritte : The Mystery of the Ordinary gallery the one that i chose was the Girl Eating Bird ( Pleasure). This painting skirts the lines between reality and fantasy because it uses nature and a human wh...

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Illustration Collage project #3
The story I chose was about a woman's personal experience during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. In this story she explains how she was working in the towers on the 99th floor watching the first plane flying toward her window. she then went onto ...

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Chelsea's Galleries Reaction Field trip 5
    While at Chelsea's Art Galleries we were allowed to channel our inner artist by going around pretending to be Art Collectors. With this role we were to choose two art works from two of the galleries we went to and decide wether we would buy these pieces...

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Art and Identity: The Museum of Modern Art
    For our first class field trip we went to the MOMA. During this trip we were given the chance to explore the world of modern art. We were then allowed to roam museum seeing first hand many of the artworks we analyze in class. With this we each gathered ...
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