Well well, what a weekend. I'll be up all night clearin' up after all these weddin' cakes, and trying to get rid of that faerie magic they mixed up with my ingrediments. The rest of that butter 'ad better not turn, or there'll be trouble in the mornin'. Still, probably won't see much those folk for another year.

An' me and th' missus were talkin', and I'm right pleased we made them cakes. You know me, I like bread. Bread's my sort of thing, you might say. Bread. Great stuff is bread. You know where you are with it. Good honest ingrediments, a bit of hard work and a good bake, and there you are.

No magic to it, nothing fancy, no strange transformation goin' on when you're not looking. Bread.

But last night. Them cakes. That were it. Surprised myself a bit you see. Dawn got 'em looking great once we'd sorted out that icing. And, well, the thing is, I reckon them cakes tasted alright too. Specially them purple ones. Don't hardly remember bakin' 'em, even. But there were right delicious. An' I've never had much of sweet tooth, neither. Reckon I might make more of 'em. Well, perhaps. But not before the bread is baked.

The bread! Tomorrow's bread'll need to go in the oven soon. Won't be long 'til Dawn gets back from the wedding party! Me lovely wife! Right proud of 'er I am. Wouldn't 'ave got though this last week without 'er, rightly.

I'd better put the kettle on. She likes a brew.

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