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Karen Swim
Karen Swim, APR is a Communications Strategist, owner of Words For Hire, President of Solo PR PRO
Karen Swim, APR is a Communications Strategist, owner of Words For Hire, President of Solo PR PRO

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When tragedy strikes, emotions run high and it is difficult to remain calm. We should feel the outrage and the senselessness of murder on every level but let us not stop there. What can we individually do each and every day to care for humanity. The answers to the challenges of our day are within us. Change happens when we change. It is so easy to hop on a platform and point fingers but far harder to do the hard, and dirty work of making a better world by being a better you.

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Excited to co-host joint #solopr and #SMchat  tomorrow at 1pm ET. We're discussing Public Relations and Social Media in the Marketing Mix. All are welcome to join.

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We can all do our part in helping to diversity our industry, and the end result serves to uplift the profession. 

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+Ann Marie van den Hurk shares great tips for companies looking hire PR help.

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Advantages that are not often discussed. 

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Good information that could help you to further customize pitch emails by time of day.

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Good tips and I don't use video nearly enough.
6 Ways to Use Live Streaming Video for Business

By Antonio Calero

Looking for ways to boost engagement?

Have you considered live mobile streaming apps, like Meerkat and Periscope?

Live streaming video is a great way to interact with your audience in real time.

In this article you’ll discover six ways live streaming video helps you connect with your audience and increase engagement. -Kim

#livestreaming #meerkat #periscope #smexaminer

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I hear discussion about definitions constantly and everyone seems confused. I love the convergence and have embraced it. We can battle over definitions, or we can adapt and move forward.

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Excellent article! While written regarding media coverage, the insights can be applied to any industry. 

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Sharing in hopes that others can gain from the insights shared by a lovely group of professionals kind enough to contribute.
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