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Someone with nice handwriting.
Someone with nice handwriting.


If I have an unresolved and unspoken issue with my friend which wasn't so important to begin with but now seems quite severe to the point where it is obvious to other people that something is wrong, even though the issue was very slight anyways (she got angry at me and a few of our other friends doing Overwatch dances and stuff XD and singing Suits), should I talk to her and apologise, or just say that we thought we were doing nothing wrong and not?

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Directed by James Kent There was a lot of hype when Testament of Youth first came out (also possibly partially because it had both the GoT star Kit Harington and the Merlin actor Colin Morgan) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI, although I…

If you were having a birthday party and could only invite so many people, so you try to keep it a secret from the others but they inevitably find out anyways thanks to the cleverness of your friends, what should you say when they confront you about it? Not head on but like 'Oh so are you doing anything for your birthday?' and 'How are you celebrating?' 

How did X-Men and some of the other parts of Marvel like F4 etc. get owned to Fox? Just wondering since they're always fighting over who gets what superhero, even though they're all under the same branch :P

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Wow. It's been a while since I read the WoT. Thinking of starting again...out of all the books, which one did you dislike the most, do you think? (But they are all amazing in their own way though.)

(For example, it takes me a while to even remember what ta-veren means! Actually, no, I don't actually remember. Enlighten me.)

Back from China. That explains a lot of things I guess.

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Ah, memories!
From Minecon with Amy.
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Anyone know how to get the Minecon capes, just got back and I have no idea where to find it :(

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