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do not read this if you haven't watched the 50th anniversary special! Spoilers!

So, I've been wondering. If 8.5 and 10 didn't remember what happened in the 50th anniversary special due to crossing of the time streams, it would also make sense that 11 wouldn't remember the discussion with "the curator", so why did he remember?

The dialogue there strongly hints that "the curator" is actually The Doctor revisiting an old favorite face, which would mean time streams were crossed and he'd likely forget the whole talk revealing that the attempt to save Gallifrey worked.
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Merely speaking to one another doesn't mean he'll forget. And we know he remembers some details. 
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Corey Gebhart

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pfft * snort * lol
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Corey Gebhart

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For the Amy Pond fans out there. I rarely watch this show but its good for a laugh, and given her "off camera" sense of humor she's a great fit with this show :)
That's a pretty great cast line up the-wait, does Kate Mulgrew have an eyepatch? And is that a Robot!? I should watch this show.
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