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#BankofAmericaStudentLoans is issued through US Department of Education Direct Loans Program. These student loans are provided according to historically lending portfolio. Anyone can query for specific and current information at 1-800-344-8382. BofA Student Loan is federal loans which includes graduate student and Parents. If you have not positive credit score, you should require a cosigner to get a private student loan. Student can borrow up to $40,000 a year and can use for any education related expenses. Know more info at:

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#BankofAmericaPersonalLoans are unsecured nature which is available without collateral. This personal loan is combined with different debts into one more manageable debt with very low interest rate. If you compare with other banks Bank of America is cheaper interest rate. Customer can get personal loan for business, vehicle, home and education. Get more details at:

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How is Your Credit Score Calculated?
A credit score mirrors your financial history. This simply
means how you have handled payments, debts and liabilities over a period of
several years. It is important to know your credit score before applying for a
loan, mortgage or a new credit card. A cred...

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Santander Bank Online Banking -

Santander Bank Online Services are tailored to meet the needs of the customers who are in search for speed and efficiency while carrying out their banking activities. If you are new to online banking, then enroll now to experience all the convenience and ease with Bill pay offers. It is completely very easy to enroll and you can do it online. Enrolling for #SantanderBankOnlineBanking enables you to manage a number of banking activities from anywhere at any time. You just need a personal computer and Internet access to login to your online checking account or business account and get complete control of your funds.
·         Transfer funds online between accounts.
·         Check account balance, access transaction history, and review account activity.
·         View checks images.
·         Set up recurring and future fund transfers.
·         Pay bills online and receive e-bills through BillPay service.
·         Online banking guarantee.
Online Bill pay is a convenient way to pay your bills online and avoid the hassle of writing checks and mailing them. You can set recurring payments or future payments all over the US. In case if you do not have a Santander Bank checking account, you can open it online by going through some simple steps. On the other hand, to make online application for online banking, you are required to be a U.S. resident and the bank will also require the following information.
·         Social Security Number.
·         Present address
·         Date of birth
·         E-mail address and phone number
·         Mother’s maiden name
·         Account number
Complete information is available at:

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Are you looking for #WellsFargoHours of operation? There is complete information of bank hours and location with phone number. If you are customer of Wells Fargo bank, get these details at:

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BofA executive is every time ready to help their customer regarding bank account. Get easy contact details of #BankofAmericaCustomerService phone number.
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