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Hello!!! A good while ago I completely deleted everything on this blog, a whole 2 years worth or writing. Since then I've moved house, completed a college course and had a baby! So now I'm a mother of 2... I've missed blogging, totally hit a wall and just c...

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Back To College
Hello! I missed my mummy Monday post, so I shall save that for next week! So today my post will be able me going back to college! Now, I'm a VERY anxious person, I have social anxiety, no confidence, super shy and am always thinking of things I could be doi...

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Hello, wow, can't believe I'm actually back on my space of the internet. Please be prepared for a ramble and possible depressing post. For a good few months now, I lost my love for blogging, I've been in a very stressful situation and blogging felt too hard...

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my blogger is broke :(
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