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All rock taught me was too be angry,
edm taught me love, and connect.

Rock Off. Rave On.
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Ten Years Gone" and we'll all be "Dust N Bones"..if you didnt get that was a zeppelin and gnr reference.edm will NEVER disappear..edms has existed forever. It JUST got big in the US. people have been raving for years in europe, russia, serbia, japan and china. Raving been in the Uk since like there werent even cell phones man, people used pay phones to find huge raves like Ultra .. Ibiza is a whole island dedicated to ravers and djs ;) HAHA fuck you talkin bout mayn,. Just develop some "robot ears" and enjoy the music if you can..its a good time to be growing up in the US if your into edm. Fuck all the negative vibes..Rave On!  
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