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Lesson learned... NEVER use DHL to ship things. Boxes destroyed and 2000 Euro worth of goods missing/stolen. #DHL

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The greatest addition to Plasma desktop is the arrival of Application Dashboard launcher. I was a huge fan of Homerun launcher and used it as the default launcher, so the Application Dashboard is all I needed.

After using it I actually like it much more than Ubuntu Dash and Gnome. I find it much more organized, clearer, clutter free and focused on increasing productivity instead of cramming unwanted ads in that tight space (I am looking at you, Ubuntu).

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Time for another dashcam upload :-) This one runs through the Triglavski Narodni Park in Slovenia

So I've spent some time tinkering with the #UbuntuTouch phone I bought from #BQ.  

First impression... the user interface is actually really nice once you unlearn the Android way" and get into the whole edge swipe thing. I actually find it MUCH more intuitive and easy to use than Android or iOS.  Basically, with some additional fine tuning, this has some potential to be a really usable phone UI.

The phone hardware is pretty basic.  It's functional, but it misses the nice-touch features like the wake/sleep thing when you open/close the flip case. This is purely the budget phone, and not anything to do with the OS it runs on (it'd be the same running on Android).

Next point... the lack of core applications that most people are using.  :-(

Facebook is "supported" through an "app" that simply opens the browser and points you at the mobile web version of Facebook.  This is OK, but there are usability issues with the mobile web client.

Whatsapp is not there at all (yet?). This is a dealbreaker for a lot of people I've talked to. It's a bit of a puzzle to me though.  There is an alternative app called Telegram (which is available on all phone OSes) that does 100% of what #Whatsapp does, and it's free. All you need to do is install it on your phone just like you do with Whatsapp.  I've suggested Telegram to a few people (so I can communicate with them in place of Whatsapp) and they have ALL refused to install the app. They won't even consider it... just a solid "NOPE!" Baffles me. They will install a million other ridiculous apps and click through ALL the click-bait in Facebook, but they won't install a new chat application.

Other apps like Skype and other VoIP apps I use are noticeably missing. That is a bit tough to work around. I make most of my calls (outside of Austria) on VoIP apps... missing those makes it hard to use the phone as a phone.

GPS nav apps are also missing.  There is a default mapping app called "Here Maps" that works sort of OK, but if you're used to Google maps or a third-party offline GPS nav application, you're not going to enjoy Here Maps all that much. There is a Google Maps app that you can install so the weird Here Maps is avoidable.

Conclusion - I like the Ubuntu Touch OS, but it really needs to get those core apps to make it a serious contender for the average users.

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Hmmmm where too....

Ha. Oooops, sometimes I'm too impatient. Turns out #openSUSE is better than I thought. I installed it on my Acer W700 and was muttering about it not remembering to stay connected after a reboot.  Well, I was too impatient and just assumed it wasn't working.  I fired it up this evening to take a closer look at the issue (thinking I'd have to write a udev rule or something)... and... there was nothing to do. Bluetooth was seeing and autoconnecting to the paired keyboard after all.

That means... there's nothing major to fix. openSUSE 13.2 is working out-of-the-box so to speak.  OK, pinch-zoom would be a nice thing, but... I can live without it (unless someone knows what needs to be poked to make it work... maybe some way to link the gesture to Meta+ + and Meta+ -).

So for the past few months I've been reluctantly running Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I tried to run Linux back in the spring/summer and while it worked, it was a pain since the Bluetooth keyboard didn't work right.

Windows 8.1 worked, but it was... well Windows 8... which is a schizophrenic mess.  Windows 10 is available in the test build so I gave that a try last week... it's even worse, and Bluetooth failed 100% there.

Great... now what? Well it was either back to Windows 8... or try Linux again. A new version of #openSUSE is out so I fired that up... and everything works! Bluetooth is 99% as well (which is more than I can say for how it works in Windows).  The mouse pairs immediately, and the keyboard paired up OK as well. It forgets to auto-reconnect on boot, but it's easy enough to connect (2 mouse clicks).

Yay... no more having to deal with Windows :-)  I'm a happy camper.... or something.

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Whoa... this is interesting.  Microsoft is open sourcing .NET.

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Yay, another dashcam video. More fun for bored people? This one was recorded on the island of Ærø in Denmark. It's kind of interesting I guess?
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