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Wife, Mother, Teacher, Mentor...
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Mentor...

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Anyone have any new apps that they are using that they want to share with the rest of this community? New is always good and keeps our students' minds growing! #sharewhatworks

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Student reservations... Who knew this was a way to engage students for group presentations! I was asking for students to let me know when they were ready to start presenting. I was writing down group names and overheard a student say that she had just made a reservation with Mrs. Stewart. I quickly made a spreadsheet for them to use to sign-up which gave us an instant mini-rubric for completion and audience rating. You could have heard a pin drop in my class. The best part was when they got to highlight their group name and earn their audience star. Class was a success!

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Teachers having fun learning in Colorado!

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I cannot express how super excited I am about this news! It is going to change how educators use these devices in the classroom and beyond. I am so looking forward to the upcoming school year with the plethora of new things that my students will be able to do on their new devices! +Beth Mossholder , +Nick Rivera, and I are pretty happy about this news! Ending the school year on a high note!

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Teachers have superpowers to change lives! Our capes are multicolored and fit all sizes!

Giving thanks for this community and all who contribute to help make #GPFE better with constant improvements for educators and students. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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School has started for many of us or is just about to start. I would LOVE to see how you use your learning spaces when it comes to having your students use technology. Chromebooks to tablets...Post some photos and share your designed or 'un-designed' spaces. Remember that we all beat to a different drummer...Creativity allows for better learning especially when it comes to using our devices! We use the floor in and out of the classroom!
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I am so excited to share this case study that reflects what +Beth Mossholder  and I have been working on over the past three years. It is a journey that continues as we build on using #GPFE and #GAFE in our school and professional development training sessions. I personally want to thank the #edtechteam  and +Mark Wagner for the gift of those first set of tablets that changed the culture of our school. I also want to thank +Marta da Silva and her team for the opportunity to be a part of the early development of #GPFE  . There are so many people who have guided us along the way. Thanks to ALL of you! #texthelp   #logicwing   #c2enexus7  

If you are like me, this is the time during the summer where I get super excited to start the new school year! Finding new things to use in the classroom is so much fun! Don't forget about exploring new apps to enhance your lessons. Please share any new apps that you have found and tested. If you like them, remember that you can add teacher tips so other educators can see if they might work for them and their students. It is one of the great perks that we have when using GPFE. Explore, play, and share, share, share!
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