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After reviewing the web conference there were many questions
regarding the tk20 submissions.  Dr.
Borel answered questions about our assignments and cleared up what our submission
documents to tk20 need to be.  Dr. Borel
has been wonderful in helping motiva...

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Cross Curricular education is becoming more prevalent with how testing is being implemented.  I think it will be interesting to see how your research comes along.  Many times we get caught up in disseminating information in our own curricula that we forget we are teachers of students in all areas of learning.  Educating students should be across the board and not subject specific.  Kudos to you and I wish you well in your plan.

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Speaking of CSCOPE, I believe the legislature has gotten rid of it or at least given the districts the opportunity to not use it. 
Speaking of your plan it is well thought out and looks like you have some thoughtful ideas.  I will be hoping you can help with the survey parts as that is something I will be looking for to complete my plan as well. 

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So, after speaking with my site supervisor we decided to kind of work out both plans and focus more on one than the other but not give up on the technology part of it completely.  I have been assigned the task of working on professional development with another assistant principal in an effort to make our teachers on our campus more aware of the tools available to them.  I proposed the website issues and the blogging issues so now I get to be in charge of that.  This is kind of the focus in our district so it will be nice to work collaboratively with another assistant principal to accomplish this.  However, I feel that the tardies and truancies will be my main focus so that I can help more students become aware of the love for learning.  It will take a lot of time and patience to work with all the stakeholders, because most parents are not that aware of climate at our school.  Be that as it may, they act like they are involved, but really aren't unless it is at a football game or if their youngster is in trouble.  At that point then the parents become involved.  This will be challenging, but well worth it.
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