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Might be a release announcement at MWC USA, but the price looks ok. China and Russia release only at the moment.

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Some cool stuff never sees the light of day

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Watching this with interest. Google continue to be in the eye of the Euro storm.

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Looks like iOS 11 now adds full access to NFC stack for devices. Could be a big deal for the industry as opens up millions of devices.

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Looks like the one handed keyboard in iOS 11 is now fully implemented. Good stuff so far. Absolute killer on iPad Pro however.

Got a couple of HTC 11(s) in for tests. Really good handset AFAIC. Super fast, and still waiting for final Firmware.
Would like to try the Amazon compatibility but not working yet, HTC tell us a week.
Really well built, screen is gorgeous, FP reader is fast.
Ours are running 7.0, expecting full update to bring that to 7.1.1.
Not sure it beats the GS8 for me though.

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Every month I'm getting a Chinese device in from Amazon to demo some Enterprise features to clients (they want to see more than a SSGs8). The UMIDIGI Pro Z is one that has really impressed.

The headlines,
Great 5.5 Screen (same size as the 7Plus) (1080p)
10 Core Helio X27 with 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Dual Sim
Fingerprint scanner and hidden capacity buttons on the front
Android 7.1.1
No Bloat (as far as I can see)
Dual 13mp Camera's on the back (13mp on the front as well)
LOUD speaker (not great, but LOUD)
Metal and glass construction, very solid.
no NFC
USB C with fast charge - 3780 mAh


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BlackBerry KeyOne quick thoughts.

I have been testing a KeyOne for a week or so , after a ex workmate who now works at BlackBerry sent one over to me.

Build - really good, solid, feels like a BlackBerry has weight (which is good)

Speed - Very good, but the Hub slows it down if you pump three to more email
accounts into it, especially if you have a busy EAS mail feed.

Screen, fine, but the aspect ratio still falls a little flat with some Apps (so MS apps in particular do not scale and rotate well)

Sound, very good, not Marshall, Not iPhone 7, Not Axon, but still good.

Keyboard, Living in the past does not work for me. The main reason I wanted to test this was to see if it speeds up data input and access (Passwords etc) and it does not. If I had never used Swiftkey or iOS keyboards it would be amazing, but its not 10 years ago. It is however better than the PRIV, but not as good as the glorious Passport.

Camera, good as far as I can see. Does really good macro it seems.

Network, very good indeed across all carriers I tested, and WiFi.

Battery, not bad, but not like the old days of BB

Overall, its a good phone, nothing wrong, BUT, at £500 its not worth my own money, I think you REALLY need to want that keyboard. At £300, thats different.

Wanted to do a little experiment. What would people consider to be the real life minimum specs for an android phone.

I'm going to be testing some devices (from Amazon or wherever) the cheaper the better, as I have been asked by some clients as to what is out there now, and I'm always playing with the flagships, but nothing at the low end. So just wanted a concensus really.

I thought

Android 6.
5 inch + Screen
2 GB Ram
16 GB Rom

Thats my thought ... Any opinion welcome

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Been using a ketone for testing for a week now, and says pretty much what I think.
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