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So on PSC the guys covered some cool stuff about modding our Android phones with Lineage. Well +Ted Salmon how about another challenge. I know you like Jolla so I have Sailfish OS now on a Sony Xperia X. You can see it here next to my Jolla original.
Overall its really good, fast and Android apps working well. Odd thing it it has more in common with iOS on the iPhone X with all the swipes in and out and no home button. Its not for everyone, but a change from the norm.
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Testing rugged to the max. Using my phone to clear the snow while listening to PSC Podcast. Speaker slightly compromised with snow in the grill :-)
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Been trying out a Doogee S60 (named after the S60 CAT phone I think that +Ted Salmon had a little while ago.

Its a rugged Chinese Android phone with emphasis on the word RUGGED.

Quick verdict

The screen is ok,
Speakers are poor(ish)
Speed is ok,
Weighs a ton
Some bezels going on
Some sharp edges
You need a screwdriver to get the sim installed
Micro USB..

Verdict ----- BRILLIANT
As it also has
Wireless Charging
6000 mAH Battery & Fast Charge
IP68 Waterproof, Dust, Sand proof (very tough)
GGlass 5
Android 7
Sec Patch Nov 17
Dual Sim AND memory card slot
6 GB RAM, 64GB storage
Minimal Chinese bloat wear
Looks a little bit science fiction

Best bit - 225 quid (thats with import duty)

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Quite an interesting precedent if it succeeds as 3rd party App developers have bypassed restrictions in the past to harvest data.

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Ohh +Ted Salmon ... This looks interesting, might need to import it, looks very flipping nice.

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Its this kind of thing (if proved, and it looks like it is) that throws Android under the bus when it comes to business and government adoption. It may be a storm in a teacup but the headline delivers all the bad news.

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Makes me excited to see what Samsung will come up with next on the GS9. As they manufacture the displays they have the capability.

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The past and the future. So who got one and was it worth it (the X that is, not the original next to it)

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Sort of mobile but decided to jump into the Pixel ecosystem with an upgrade to my old chrome book with a Pixelbook. If anyone is interested and has questions let me know.
So far, massively impressive hardware.
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