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Happy new year!!!
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happy new year

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artwork by russell deasley
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To log out of Google+, I'm able to just go to, click on my profile picture in the upper-right corner, and click "Sign out".

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How about your site getting wiped out of google maps and places when you rely on that business.  You would think that $1500 a week would at least be enough for a phone call letting you know what is going on.  It has been a month and no contact and I have sent complaints and tried every method I know and nothing.

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merry christmas!!!!!

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The Google Prepaid Card Will End on October 17, 2012. Thank you for being one of the first users of the Google Wallet app and for activating your Google Prepaid Card. Since we recently launched the ab...

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Penguin and panda are important....:);)
Large penguin colony in Alaska............"(^_^)"
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some environmentalist could not make us realize the value of Penguin but google did.......:):)

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Google's goal is to get you to the information you're looking for in fewer clicks.
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i wish google would add ninja warz to their games cause i want to play it on google plus :)

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the best
Unofficial G+ Page fan club.......

G+ Page fan clubBack with the bang, vigorous in its approach, assertiveness in its work, Google is all set to take over the social network market completely.  Time will tell the real story whether Google will make it or not but hundreds of minds, oops, sorry mega minds of Google are working to sweep out the other competitors from social network market and be the king of this popular platform of social networking.  Google is determined to break the phenomena created by its hardcore competitor Facebook.  They have already observed the drawbacks of social networking and keenly looking to fill all the loopholes to achieve perfectness in social network market.  That’s the reason Google has launched Google+ business pages.  They are all set to shake the social networking market by keeping a new and well advanced approach.

 Google+ brand pages will give the business a new approach of showing and demonstrating their agenda.  Google is the sea of finding information on the tip of your fingers and others social networking websites are just mere a platform of interaction.  I will not say anything after this because this particular article is all about what Google+ brand pages or Google+ business is?

 Google Plus Business pages are just similar to the Business Fan Pages of Facebook.  But Google has takes this approach so far as Facebook will fall short of it.  Like personal profiles, you will have a stream of activity, and be able to host photo albums and videos too.  According to Google, Google+ brands or businesses pages help you to connect with the customers and fans who love you.  The major feature of this is they can actually spend time with your team, face-to-face.  Even fans can add you to a circle to listen to you for long terms or they can recommend you with a +1 that will be great for your brand value or business popularity.  If this happens surely your business will flourish and it will add to your goodwill too.  But to start all you need to start social networking with “Google + business pages.”

  You can create Google+ brand or business page by just following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign in to your Google+ account by using your username or Gmail account.
  2. After sign in you will find “Create Google+ Page” link in right section
  3. In next step you have to choose category for your Google plus page.  The categories will look like this:

A. Local Business or Place (Our Suggestion: Mostly for Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services etc)

B. Product or brand (Our Suggestion: for Apparel, cars, electronics, financial services etc)

C. Company, Institution or organization (Our Suggestion: for Companies, organizations, institutions, non-profits etc)

D. Arts Entertainment or Sports (Our Suggestion: Usually for Films, TV, music, books, sports, shows)

E. Other (Our Suggestion: You can use this one if your page doesn’t fit in another category)

4. Select your category and create your Google plus brand page with your information.

Now, after the completion of business or brand page you need to follow the below mentioned steps as Google prescribes:

    Start a Conversation -- start sharing photos, videos, links and other interesting content

    Connect your website -- place the Google+ badge or a small code snippet on your site

    Tell the world -- you can share a specific link to your page to share with all your networks

    Build your circles -- once people have added your page to their circles, you can add them back

    Google+ Direct Connect - lets you quickly navigate to a Google+ page (and even add that page to your circles) when using Google Search (this one is still in beta and not available to everyone yet!)

    Hangouts -- connect directly with your community via live video chats that can put you face to face with up to 9 people at once

    +1 Button -- can be added to your website so that users can recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+

Will Google be able to surpass Facebook?  Let’s wait and watch!!

“Precautions & Steps to follow before Creating a Google + business pages.”

A slight knowledge is better before stepping forward towards anything. So stop and think first before creating Google+ business pages, you need to take some precautions and keep some guidelines in your mind to tread on Google+ business pages without any problems. 

Following things you should know before you register for Google plus page!!!

Google+ business pages terms & conditions: the very first thing to know before you register for the Google + business pages is that no contests, promotions, sweepstakes, coupons or offers are allowed at all. This is written in Terms & Conditions of Google+ business pages that no person who is registered with it, he should not use his business page to run any kind of promotions or contests or else he will be violating the terms of policies set by Google+ business pages. The consequence for the violation could be the deletion or removal of the account from Google+ business pages. This is because of Google+ thinks that “By disallowing contests and sweepstakes, does Google Plus hope to make relationships between individuals and businesses more authentic and less gamed?”

Claiming of your business’ Google+ Page: This is what you need to understand very first. There is no verification required before singing up for Google+ business pages. Anybody can register with any name and there will be no certifications for the same. So, its better you claim it with Google+ business pages to keep yourself secure from any threats. 

Remember to Log out from Gmail before creating Google+ page: One of the most important steps to remember before you sign up for the Google+ business pages. If you don’t follow this rule, the brand pages will automatically be linked to your personal Google+ account as a result. That will lead your fans to toggle between your personal account & company’s account and this will create some havoc.

Be careful when switching between linked accounts: If you are the person who just linked your personal Google+ pages account with the Google+ business pages then you need to be careful before placing inks, postings and comments on your specific account or it can be confusing. While switching between accounts, Google+ shows you a banner notification at the top that reads, You are now using Google+ as this page. Your posts, comments, and notifications will be from this page. And while you do need to click “Ok” to make it disappear, it can be easy to miss.

An additional Administrator cannot bee added yet: This particular feature should be on Google+ business pages but unfortunately it is not available here. As per Google+ business pages terms, only a person, who has created the Google+ business pages, can access and make changes.

So, before signing up to the Google+ business pages please make sure that you have gone through the above mentioned steps. This is very much necessary for you to keep all the information provided here in mind. This information, definitely, will be beneficial to you and it will keep you safe on the platform of social networking market.

Click on the link below to sign up for the Google Plus Page:

This is unofficial page of Google Plus.

This page is Managed by UA Marketing Solutions.