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The Good Mondays Society
global family-2-family opportunity exchange
global family-2-family opportunity exchange


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Now that's better !

Five years ago we started doing what we were burning to do: 
creating and multiplying chances. 
Affordable and accessible opportunities. 
For kids with more curiosity than options and for families 
who would dream a lot and might dare more. 
We always knew that if we wanted to beat life's tough filters 
of cash and connections we needed to invent a powerful 
interface for creativity and cooperation. So we did.

In 2014 we extend beyond our community:
The Great Handshake is a grant for that one crucial - but 
unexpected - chance to succeed when talent and ambition 
were not enough in the struggle against the many 
"resistances of circumstance". 
Visit and pass on the message!
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We have cool vacancies for open minded global citizens - start right now and work from wherever you are:
Our outposts are our ambassadors, they're native speakers and social media enthusiasts, they help us connect the young and the curious of their own nation with our growing network of kindred spirits all over the world. Together we match the right soul-mates wherever education meets life.
Want to know if this if for you?
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