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Dungeons & Dragons Megadungeon Campaign
Dungeons & Dragons Megadungeon Campaign


No Numenhalla this week, We'll be playing +Perdition instead! Feel free to head on over and join us Saturday at 8AM.
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Hey all!

This Saturday, we'll be having a discussion about +Perdition and roll up characters at our regular game time! If you're interested in this, feel free to follow +Perdition and I will add you to the page's circles and you will be able to see the event!

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No game this week, but +Perdition Character Creation will take place on November 23rd at the usual time!

Follow +Perdition for more information!
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This is an official announcement that I will be playtesting a B/X new wave clone called "Perdition" during the same time slot that Numenhalla runs.

I am not abandoning Numenhalla, games will be intermittent and semi-alternating with Perdition.

However, because it is a different game, I've set up a separate Google page for it.  Games set in Perdition are not FAILSNAILS, and will require a character created from the Players Guide (forthcoming).

If you wish to receive notifications for this game, please head over to the other page and follow it. It will be opt in for notifications, as in Numenhalla.
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Where I furiously try to create dungeon to stay ahead of the party.
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Just a reminder that there is no game this Saturday. Next session will be on the 15th of June.
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Numehalla past the 2 month mark!

We have some maps of some areas! We have a few deaths! We have a slain dragon. We have completed 3 quests! All first level areas and sublevels are finished. I am furiously finishing up the second level (3 of 9 areas finished). The game Saturday morning is going well!

People not playing and new players are welcome! You do not need a character to join a hangout! After this following week, pickup games can be more frequent. My child care duties will be lessened. There may be time for a second regular or erratic session on any mornings or possibly in the evenings, depending on the changes. 

Stay tuned!
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There will be no game this Saturday. 

We are moving and the wife is working extra hours, so there may be another week or two over the next coming months where we may miss a Saturday. However everything should be settled after that, and we may be able to even have more than 1 session a week.
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Some thoughts about last weeks session.

1) If the psionicist had not been there, James's expert would certainly have died. (+James Bennett)

2) Once the Grey ooze has thrown off the shackles of it's 'robotness' it wanders away, forever again immune to control by that psionicist. First roll comes at five weeks, and it rolls a 16 which is good enough to save. (+Scott Martin)

3) All doors in the chamber of Freya are now marble. The vault doors are Black Steel (immune to rust and corrosion), surrounding an interior mixture of mortar which contain the following Alchemical Mortars.
1) Arcana Ward (+6 to saves vs. spells)
2) Acid Ward (20 hardness vs. Acid and +4 vs. Saves)
3) Stalwart Bullwark III (Increases HP & Harness of vault doors)

The door is wizard locked, but proper application of the keys will bypass this enchantment, and the locks themselves are mixed with the Apotheosis of Lead, giving them 95% magic resistance.

The marble surrounding the vault is covering a layer of stone mixed with a phasing ward mortar, preventing Astral or Ethereal travel and a teleportation ward acting as a barrier to magical travel

+John Bell +Beloch Shrike
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We had our first honorable death by +Edgar Johnson! He was picked up by a sticky marble pudding and slammed face first into a marble pillar, moments before a bone pierced his kidney. Then, not knowing he was soon to die of shock, He threw all his oil on the flaming ooze!

That said, a path to the lavish mine of fur slime, a deadly and treasure rich sub-level was opened. Also a treasure map to the metallic treasure was discovered, located in the vicious puzzling lair of the Chambers of Freya. 

Great game today!
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