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Creating traders for the REAL world with leading-edge trading tools, real world trading skills, AND practical application.
Creating traders for the REAL world with leading-edge trading tools, real world trading skills, AND practical application.


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For all NinjaTrader 7 charting users, there is now a Mandatory Update for all NinjaTrader 7 users available. Failure to do the update will result in disruption of service.
Please refer to page below for information and update download link:

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Effective January 10th 2016, the minimum price increment for the CME's standard size EURUSD futures, 6E, contract will be reduced from one pip to one half pip.
As a result of this change, users of NinjaTrader, trading the 6E, will need to update their tick size for the 6E instrument to 0.00005 to receive accurate quotes and ensure consistent execution prices. #NinjaTrader   #6E   #CME  

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With Greece continuing to struggle to secure a deal on it's debt obligations, Standard & Poors today have further downgraded Greece's long and short-term sovereign credit ratings to 'CCC+/C' from 'B-/B', citing worsening economic conditions due to prolonged negotiations between the government and creditors.
"Without deep economic reform or further relief, we expect Greece's debt and other financial commitments will be unsustainable," S&P said.
While Greece denies it's about to default on it's debt obligations, the article below looks at what a Greek default may look like.

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has once again downgraded its forecasts for global economic growth.

The global economy will grow 3.5% in 2015, down from 3.8% due to the slumping oil prices, the IMF has said in its January 2015 update to the October 2014 World Economic Outlook (WEO).
The IMF also cut its forecast for the economic growth next year, 2016, to 3.7% from 4%.

“The revisions reflect a reassessment of prospects in China, Russia, the euro area, and Japan as well as weaker activity in some major oil exporters because of the sharp drop in oil prices” the report says.
See the full overview of the World Economic Outlook Projections here:

#IMF   #WEO  

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
– Albert Einstein 
“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
– Michael Altshuler 
Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015

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Who is the G20 & what is the G20 Summit trying to achieve?
As the G20 Leaders Summit is being held in Brisbane, Australia this weekend (15th and 16th November 2014, Australian EST) I thought it appropriate to cover what the G20 actually is…

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Please let me know what you want help with in your trading!
I am planning my new content, email newsletters, and some great new training material to address your trading struggles, so please let me know what you want help with below…  
It’s just a quick survey, a couple of minutes tops! How often do you get the chance to directly contribute to the topics of upcoming content and training?
Please don’t miss your opportunity to “shape” the upcoming training…  
Thank you!

#traders #trading #tradingeducation  

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With the increased volatility we've experienced during last month, here's a great article from Philosophical Economics analyzing "How Often Does the Stock Market Correct?"
Since World War II, it shows we have experienced 10% market corrections just over 20% of the time, and 15% corrections over 12% of the time.
The end of the article shows statistics for the larger corrections (that span longer than 1 year) and references % declines from any prior all-time high.

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Finally, stock analysis software that makes it easy to view ALL Canadian TSX and TSX Venture Exchange stocks in #NinjaTrader !!
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