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You didn't hear it from me, but there MAY be something happening tomorrow regarding The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo centering around:
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do you have a clip from the soundtrack?
Thanks for not telling us. :)
(The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts.....)
The background music on the page is yours?
Please don't give us another 4 day remix contest... at least make it a whole week!
I hope the movie will be as good as the original... But if you make the soundtrack Trent, i'm sure this part of the work will be good !!
Kari Z
wondering if this is the real you..
Bill M
Good pick on Rooney Mara. From her previous roles was not sure she would fit the image of Salander. Hope this is as good as the original movies.
This creative burst we are seeing from you is a marvel.
As a longtime fan, I got used to waiting half a decade for "more."

Very glad those days are behind.
Keep up the good work Trent I'm a long time fan since 89 please give up nin fans a new album NIN forever
Yeah man keep it up can't wait to see and hear this movie!
Well, I RT'd the message. I'm eagerly awaiting whatever this might be. :)
So excited, I got a invite xD
@Josh @Paula NA full effect for tomorrow xD got my patches sewn on lol I'm getting excited
Trent thanks for the heads up btw, totally made my birthday yesterday. When I found out I got an invite I couldn't stop giggling lol xD 
Dee D
There MAY be nothing in it for you if you live California.
AMAZING TRENT!!!! Sharing on NA's fb first xD
The score was AMAZING, it fit the scenes like a skin, they were one. TGWTDT from what I got to see was epic! I can not wait till Dec 21st to see it all. Great night <3
Jesus, you are such a fucking tease. =D
.............Did you just lead an already obsessive Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fangirl to editing stills? Cos if you did, I might die a little.
it will be a special soundtrack preview for NIN fans?
no gimmick, no stills, just my point of view of my day at the premiere. :)
OK you're probably sick of hearing this, especially when you're out doing other stuff, but I love NIN.
i didnt like swedish version
Mr. Reznor,
How do you handle rising from amazing material like Pretty Hate Machine to the stellar work your doing now on scores?

You've never seem like an egotistical monster but I could be wrong...

With Lots of Respect For What You Do,
David + Trent = the only way I'd watch Dragon after first watching the absolutely BRILLIANT Swedish version with Noomi Rapace. I have high expectations that I am sure are going to be met.
Huge fan man. I'm a vocalist from a Sri Lankan metal band called Angel Down. Keep it heavy \m/
Is there any possible plans for new NIN material? You're not gonna answer me i thought I'd give it a shot.
Lets just say, everything that trent does is nine inch nails ;)
Just starting "The Girl Who Played With Fire." I just gave "The Girl Who Played With Fire" to my dad, great book one of my favorite novels. I have a piece of Alex Grey and 10,000 on my arm hope to see you in Seattle again soon.
i grew up in a house, where i wasn't allowed to listen to you. i love that i can now. the rock n roll mercenary (marky ray), always says great things about you in my classes. i hope that you're enjoying work, life outside of work, and their crossover, in equal measure. Thanks for the inspiration you offer (that you can't separate yourself from). I'll always be "following" thanks to +.
i still have the shirt i got at an in-store appearance in Ft Lauderdale, FL from when PHM was released. I'm almost 40 now, still wear it and LOVE when I get compliments on it. When I was 19, my mom almost burned that shirt because she was so against it.
Is the soundtrack going to be released at the same time as the film, or prior?
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