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Finally SEO 100% in chkme. Having had hesitated because there are differences in outcome scores with embedd of eventually both showed similar results yes 100% SEO. 

The first thing that must be considered in order to achieve 100% SEO is to understand your blog template. The following steps more: (
(Before you edit the template you should back up first)

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Protect your gadgets with Internet Security Software
for some time how rapid development of the digital world whether they are sedentary (PC) and mobile (tablets and smartphones). Developments occurred because the needs are greater on these gadgets to facilitate our work. on the one hand it is our job more ea...

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Kode Bank Indonesia
Daftar Kode Bank Transfer ATM Bersama di Indonesia #
(tips cepat tekan ctrl + F » ketik nama Bank)

# Kode Bank A :
» Citibank » 031
» Bank ABN Amro » 052
» Bank Agro Niaga » 494
» Bank Agris » 945
» Bank Akita » 525
» Bank Alfindo » 503
» Bank Anda » 088

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Kode Bank ATM Prima
Kode Bank Peserta Cari No. Nama Bank Kode Bank PRIMA ATM Transfer Tarik Tunai Cek Saldo PRIMA Debit 1 Bank Agris 945 2 Bank Anda 088 3 Bank ANZ 061 4 Bank Artha Graha 037 5 Bank BCA Syariah 536 6 Bank BJB 110 7 Bank BJB Syariah 425 8 Bank BNI 009 9 Bank BPD...

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Cara Membuka Link di Jendela Baru - Open Link In New Tab
Hal yang simple terkadang terlupakan, begitu pula saat kita berselancar / browsing di internet maka kita akan menemui banyak tautan / link yang membawa kita ke alamat tertentu baik itu yang masih berada di alamat / address situs awal kita berada ataupun di ...

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