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I finished the title page of The Bunny General.
To celebrate, I uploaded the original 11 pages with it.
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Really stunning work. My congratulations.
beeeeautifuuul! Love it Jennifer! Its so inspiring!
I totally want this! Good stuff, doesn't even need captions.
Amazing work, as always. Looks wonderful :)
Peter A
I love this. Is this for a book, I want.......
Beautiful art! Thank you for sharing
Beautiful; the panels flow very nicely.
Absolutely love the art style here- this looks great! Very nice work
Amazing! to me who cannot paint simplest paintings!
Very nice work ..... congrats ...
Great originality! love this!
Simply amazing talent! My son says you get some money for those drawings! ;)
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and the +1s. We are working on something, and I look forward to the okay to make the announcement. =)

I am still pondering a story and have ideas for a few more bunny characters. All your kind words are very encouraging, thank you.
Really beautiful stuff. Inspiring!
Liz Lui
Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!
Where can we buy this? It looks amazing and I can't wait to hold it in my hands!
OMG I hit 100 shares.
Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement. It means so very much to me.