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Author bios have been described as "Insert quirky personal trait, mention where you live, include marital status, progeny (if any), and list pets." When trying to create a bio for my website, I wanted to include something that could be used as an author bio on a book, but (and this is the important part) I didn't want it to be the standard author bio formula.

What I came up with was: Suzi McGowen has been telling and writing stories for more years than she can count. (Math was never her strong point.) She lives in Southern California with her husband, her genius son (math is his strong point), and their not-yet-too-many cats.


Ok, so theoretically, I'm a creative person. So why not be creative in a bio?

Suzi McGowen took up writing after an on the job injury ended her career in international espionage. Her house is perfectly chosen to be defensible in case of zombie attack, and a pride of miniaturized lions guard the house when she is gone on one of her frequent trips to an undisclosed European country whose name rhymes with "love". She is also a professional liar.

Someday, I'd like to write a story of the Four Jacks. Jack o' the Green, Jack Frost, Jack o'Lantern and John Barleycorn. Other than they are seasonal fellows, and linked by name, I have no clue (yet) what the story will be about. Heroes, probably. Sacrifice, for sure. Death and what happens both before and after. What if the story opens with Jack's death, flashes back to his life, then in midstory has his death again and moves forward to what happens after death?

Could I work the tarot in there? Sort of like they did in Promethia?

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I hope, hope, hope this is true!
I can't even begin to tell you how invaluable this advise is!

Does anyone have any suggestions for the name of a store that sells magic tricks? A depressingly large number of magic stores are called "The Magic Shop" or "The Magic Store". (Really?)

I think Penny's "boy friend" is going to named Cal. I like my names to have meaning, though, so Cal's name will change if I can find a good boy's name that means "lucky". (Yes, I've already checked the traditional places.)

I'm part plotter and part pantser. Which means I want a general idea of where my story is going before I start, and then I fill out the details when writing. I need at least 24 plot points before I really think a WiP is going to work. So far "Penny's Luck" has 6 plot points. I don't know all the characters yet, and I'm not entirely sure about the bad guy. But I already know this story is a keeper. How? I lie awake at night thinking about it.

Plus, I get to use all my magician training in this story :)

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Writers helping writers is one of my favorite things!
WRITERS: Looking for others who understand the joys and heartaches of crafting a novel? Great! I've started this thread to help members of the writing community connect. Whether you are aspiring or published, mainstream, horror, or romance, introduce yourself below.

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Fine print: This is a public thread. Post accordingly.

I've got to say I love Stream right now. I was typing up a question/dilemma about my current WiP, and was able to solve it just by asking the question! Noodling out loud is nice :)
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