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Judy Lavoie
A fine artist, nature lover, gourmet healthy cook, organic gardener, banjo and beginner fiddle player
A fine artist, nature lover, gourmet healthy cook, organic gardener, banjo and beginner fiddle player

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Lemon Curd - New and Improved!
Don't be turned off by the word "curd" - it doesn't sound too appealing, particularly for a concoction as heavenly as this. Curd is a traditional British spread, most often made from lemons but sometimes from other citrus fruit. It is thick, soft and creamy...

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How to Prep Blueberry Bushes
Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to grow and eat, as I revealed in a previous post "Top 10 Reasons to Grow Blueberries." Here in SE Tennessee, I start preparing for my summer blueberry crop months earlier, usually in February. It is best to do the ...

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My Favorite Winter Greens
  I don't remember ever eating collards before I tried growing my own. Now I love them and they are a staple in my winter garden. The leafy plants grow continuously in cool weather and provide delicious fresh greens even in our coldest months. Winter is fai...

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Not Your Mother's Rum Balls!
My mother was renowned for her homemade sweets. One of her most popular holiday confections was Bourbon Balls, made with crushed vanilla wafer cookies, corn syrup, confectioner's sugar, and a lot of other ingredients which are not in my kitchen! In her memo...

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Fruit Flies Be Gone!
This is probably the most practical recipe I've posted on this blog... a solution which will help attract and eliminate fruit flies in the house. They always become a problem for me at this time of year, likely from the fresh tomatoes on the windowsill, the...

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The Best Springtime Ever
Wild blackberries are abundant this year, and I ate these two plump sweet ripe berries just after taking this photo! This is one of several elderberries in my edible front yard, full of flower clusters Lemon scented Yellow Trillium grow by the hundreds in m...

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Strawberry Spice Cakes
This is my variation on strawberry shortcakes, bursting with flavor. Instead of plain biscuit-type "cakes," I make mine as spiced muffins. Freshly picked ripe strawberries are naturally sweet, and are wonderfully accented with these ingredients. You can als...

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The Easy Way to Grow Onions
I've been planting onion sets in my spring and winter gardens for years, but last year I learned a new, easy method. Two of my gardening friends, Kathy and Carol, recommended that the best way to plant onion sets is not to bury them in the soil (which I had...

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Spicy Cheese Bites
    These are not your mother's thumbprint cookies! Spiced up with the hot pepper powder I make by grinding my dehydrated home-grown jalapenos and filled with hot pepper jelly, these are crispy, zesty and satisfying. They were a hit with my Christmas guests...

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Eat Real Food
Just by chance, we caught the premier of a PBS documentary titled "In Defense of Food" at the end of December. It came at the perfect time - just as we were feeling the negative effects of holiday overeating and too much of the wrong foods. So the message r...
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