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National Dental Pulp Laboratory
NDPL provides a new opportunity for consumers to save a unique stem cell.
NDPL provides a new opportunity for consumers to save a unique stem cell.

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Everything you need to know about #dentalpulp and #stemcells , and storing them with +National Dental Pulp Laboratory!

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Stem cell parental advice.


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NDPL make it as easy to store your dental stem cells. Did you know we offer 6 or 12 month NO INTEREST financing? #stemcells

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Stem cells are increasingly being looked to combat ALS, but evaluating which strategies are optimal remains hotly debated.

'Now, a research team at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California reports that an emerging outcome measure, which involves monitoring muscle strength, may facilitate the evaluation of stem cell therapies for the disease'.

#ALS #LouGehrigsDisease #stemcells

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“The replacement of muscle has been the holy grail for some time,” says Ogle. “Now we finally have the ability to take stem cells out of the body and develop the protocols to do that.”
#heartattack #heartfailure #3Dprinting

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Recently, UC Davis cell biologist Paul Knoepfler gave an excellent talk on iPS cells at the 2017 Future of Genomic Medicine meeting. Recommended viewing for everyone interested in the power of stem cells.

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Instead of a root canal, this new approach to tooth decay and dental pulp infection uses pre-vascularized pulp-like tissue to promote dental pulp regeneration and allow for a better long-term treatment.
#dentalpulp #bioprinting #rootcanal

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"There have been massive advances," says Claire Henchcliffe, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. "I'm optimistic." #Parkinsons #ParkinsonsDisease #stemcells #brain

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Do you have a tooth coming out, and are considering banking your dental pulp stem cells? Download our free InfoKit!

#stemcells #dentalstemcells #wisdomteeth #kidsteeth
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