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@1bbits a mixing of #tech & #community in a changing landscape.
@1bbits a mixing of #tech & #community in a changing landscape.

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Post has attachment Come learn about and discuss SDN ( from David Remington at the September 1BBits #techKC

Post has attachment Tomorrow Prasad Calyam (@mizzouengineering) talks about Modeling and Simulation as a Service #techkc KCDigitalDrive

Post has attachment Today is August 1BBits! Hope to see you for talks from EMC Corporation and @Mizzouengineering #techkc KCDigitalDrive

Post has attachment Tomorrow Aaron Spiegel (EMC Corporation) talks about modern service development, deployment and delivery #techkc KCDigitalDrive

Post has attachment Tomorrow applications at 1BBits Great talks on virtualization w/ EMC Corporation and MSaaS w/ @mizzouengineering #techkc

Post has attachment Great lineup for 1BBits next Wednesday Barkley! Virtualization and Simulation as a Service. Share & Join #techkc

Post has attachment Delivery, development & deployment of services w/ EMC Corporation, interesting next-gen network enabled application! 1BBits

Post has attachment

Post has attachment Next-generation network enabled applications could get very interesting! 1BBits KCDigitalDrive

Post has attachment Always a fun discussion to be involved in #bestlanguage 1BBits #techkc KCDigitalDrive
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