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Anyone tried HIIT? If so, did you like it? and what diet did you have with it?
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I experimented with HIIT for awhile a couple of years ago while trying to get my blood sugar under control. I followed a low carb diet at the time and quickly discovered I had to eat some carbs before HIIT. It worked beautifully for getting my heart rate up there and reducing the blood sugar. Unfortunately, I had to stop doing it because of a knee issue.
That, plus cutting carbs/sugar, helped me lose 74kg in three months. Incredibly effective. Highly recommended if you're after weight loss.
I have pretty extensive experience with it. I loved it. My diet was not ideal, simple calorie reduction without nutrient balance, but I still shredded away fat like a monster. Haven't done it in a year and a half though. 
I should add that I obviously highly recommend it. I prefer to use a stationary bike for it but that's just what I had available and was safest for me because collapsing in the middle of the road from an asthma attack was too real a possibility. 
Not workout, but I'm eating Primal style based on the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson ( and have lost 10 lbs in a bit over a month, after being unable to shed anything previous to that through regular dieting. Also, it lets me eat as much bacon as I want.
30/30 rest/intense split, start with 4 cycles (minutes), do it every other day, add a cycle every other session or as you feel comfortable. i don't really truck with all the crazy stuff like 25/75 splits or anything. half and half worked for me.
I do one minute full intensity, followed by 15 seconds rest. Repeat 8 - 10 times with a variety of resistance moves. Sometimes I do a minute of full intensity rowing, followed by twenty seconds rest, followed by one minute of resistance, followed by rest and repeated. Good exercises are kettle bells, pressups, pullups, medicine ball stuff, squats/lunges, that sort of thing. Also, when on a treadmill, do one minutes at a full on sprint, followed by a minute at a jog and repeat that. All of this will get you up to your peak metabolic rate much quicker and will make your body burn calories for hours after a session, especially if you end with 10 minutes of high cardio. Should be able to get a great workout in 45 mins if you do it properly.
I have done quite a bit of HIIT. Feels like you do a lot more in a shorter amount of time. When I first started I was doing a minute on, minute off then i did minute on 45 seconds off, and continued to work my way down Eventually I was 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. Last time i did a Tabata was tabata squats 20 seconds doing squats, and 10 seconds of 'rest' where to make it harder I was told to go down into the bottom squat position and hold my legs at parallel. It absolutely killed my legs, then I was told to run a mile to get blood flowing to my legs and pushout the acids. The supposed benefit of HIIT is the idea of an increased EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) or what is commonly thought of as "afterburn" where you continue to burn calories after the work out. This afterburn is present after any form of exercise however the amount of Calories you burn in this state is often exaggerated.

According to this study; The EPOC of someone doing HIIT; while the percent of total calories burned in the workout that were burned in the EPOC was greater than steady state (13% vs 7%) The amount of Calories burned came out to around 32 Calories. The commenter goes on to to talk about how doing a longer set of sustained work will actually burn more calories over the duration of the work out. Thus the fact that you are only getting 7% of that in the EPOC will translate to more calories burned.

I am not saying that HIIT is all bad I am just saying don't expect it to be the miracle fat loss exercise that some articles claim it to be. 80% of weight loss is diet and you can't out run a bad diet so to speak. I will second the recommendation of Paleo or Keto and MarksDailyApple.
Love it. I do gluten free, with p/c/f at 40/40/20. I cannot express the progress and amazingness I've felt. It's hard but worth it.
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