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Coming back from the long weekend and looking down the barrel of everything I missed inside this gaseous nebula, there's a curation problem that's starting to bother me quite a bit.

I have control over how I organize the people I know, and on the surface that puts G+ well ahead of Facebook. I can filter my Stream based on a particular Circle, which is also similar to Twitter lists, and in theory increase my signal:noise ratio. The trouble arises however, when I have people in a relatively quiet circle (looking at you +Ryan Block / +MG Siegler / +Tom Conrad ) whose activites get a lot of attention. All of a sudden one post, which likely has ten comments from people I have in common with the author, is filled with 50+ comments from people with whom I have zero connection.

There are two services I use that handle this issue rather well. First is Twitter, where I am not privy to whatever 'public' attention a post from someone I follow gets, unless they start retweeting all of the replies ( +Dennis Crowley / +Matt Mullenweg but it's too rare as to be a bother). The other, surprisingly, is from Microsoft. When I look at my Hotmail inbox, there's a single switch to move between my unadulterated inbox, and only messages from my contacts.

I can't be the only one who would appreciate this ability. The G+ page already surfaces everyone who are 'In your circles...' shouldn't I be able to toggle between a thread that is made up of my people versus everyone? cc +Natalie Villalobos

+John Gruber reminds us of linking's high road: Daring Fireball: On Attribution and Credit

The Google+ Android app could use a few enhancements:

-The home screen widget is should have a check-in button.

The 'Share...' text field in the widget simply sends you away from the home screen and into the app.
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