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Robert Simpson
Googler, Astronomer, web-type person. Formerly of Zooniverse. 2014 TED Fellow.
Googler, Astronomer, web-type person. Formerly of Zooniverse. 2014 TED Fellow.

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Some of the +The Zooniverse​ crew got a private tour of the Bodleian Library from our own +Victoria Van Hyning​ the other day. It was awesome!
Bodleain Tour
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My photo of Comet Lovejoy through the telescope last night. There was a bright Moon a bit too near by but I'm pleased with this stack of images anyway.

[12x3s exposures through a Celestron NexStar 130]

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Sequence of photos from my aurora trip last year. Will be there again in February for another chase around in the North Cape. Can't wait!
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This Summer we drew on trees with a laser pointer. Here is a fun example :)
Animated Photo

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Still love this picture

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I'm at this :)
Internet willing, we will stream all sessions of the IAU Division 55: Communicating Astronomy to the Public Meeting, live from Warsaw, Poland.

Full program is linked below.

Outreach and Organisations
  1615-1630 Engagement Levels in Astronomy Communication Pedro Russo and Jos van den Broek
  1630-1645 Why Fund us at All? 'Selling' Astronomy in the UK Robert Massey
  1645-1700 How Outreach at ESO Really Works Richard Hook
  1700-1715 ESO's Science Outreach Network: Communicating Astronomy to the Global Public Olivier R. Hainaut, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Raquel Shida
  1715-1730 The Astrobase Project Wieslaw Skorzynski
  1730-1737 Year of Copernicus 2013 Piotr Majewski

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Brilliant #dotastro  hack day project from +Niall Deacon +Emily Rice +Ruth Angus and others...

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Such fun at #dotastro every time :)

Thanks to +Amanda Bauer for more awesome videos this year. She's needs her own studio now.
Fun time lapse view of the +.Astronomy 5 conference this week. #dotastro  

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I read Ig Nobel prize for discovery that opera is good for a mouse's heart

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Combining astrophotography of meteors to recreate their trajectory through the atmosphere. Awesome.
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