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There are 1 billion people all over the world sharing their lives on Facebook, and that's only one of many services enabling and dictating how we connect, how we learn, and how we act. 

All in public.

At its core, social media is about people. As we change, it changes with us. However, the very nature of social technologies is affecting us.

Everything we know is being re-imagined.

Will we become more or less “human” as we embark on a one-way trip to socially aware devices, websites and companies?

Will the “Internet of Everything” become the “Internet of Us?” And what will we look like, talk like, and feel like when it does?

All of us have a role in the development of the “Social State.”

In 2013, choose your role wisely.

SOCIAL STATE (the book)

Available Now:

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Learn more:

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SOCIAL STATE is available for only $0.99 on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and Vook for two days only.

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+Esteban Contreras' book SOCIAL STATE is now available!  Get it on sale for $0.99 today and tomorrow only.  

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A little inspiration from the land of MONUMENTS 

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Our latest interview is with +Guy Kawasaki. Read more at 
INTERVIEW with Enchanted author + founder +Guy Kawasaki

1. You've been a big supporter of Google+. Now that Google's social layer is over a year old, what do you think Google needs to focus on to take it to the next level?

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Google needs to just keep chugging ahead, feature by feature. It took Macintosh twenty-years to get where it's at today. I'm not saying it will take that long, but one year is about one fifth of the event. Having said this, I wish that I could share posts from other products and use a "Tweetdeck" of Google+. If you want to see my Google+ evangelism in action, please check out: 

2. From AllTop to your personal social media presence, your name is often associated with high quality content. What is the key to consistently creating and curating valuable content over a long period of time?

I operate under what I call the NPR Model. NPR provides great content year in and year out. Several times a year it runs a fundraising telethon. Nobody likes these, but you tolerate them because of the quality of NPR's content.  

Social media is a means to an end for me: to tap into the wisdom of the crowd and to promote products to my followers. I am willing to spend enormous amounts of time to find high-quality content to earn the right to do this.  

3. You advise or invest in multiple startups, including USTREAM,, SlideShare and StumbleUpon. What's your favorite part about working with startups?

I love seeing how entrepreneurs solve problems and make people more creative and productive. This love started with Macintosh and continues to this day. 

_Read more at +Social Nerdia

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Motivation. Where does it come from? 

Meaning? Purpose? Vision? Money? Learning? Experiences? Security? Autonomy? Possessions? Justice? Progress? Praise? Influence? Equality? Faith? Dreams? Satisfaction? Peace? Strength? Fame? Power? 

Make sure you know what motivates you because you might end up getting what you're chasing after.

And if you're chasing after something that is not worth chasing for one reason or another...

Remotivate yourself.

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Read the story of new social network At The Pool in our latest +Social Nerdia interview with founder +Alex Capecelatro

"The Internet does a great job at connecting us with our friends and family, but a terrible job at introducing us to new people and getting us offline."

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Operators standing by

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Interview with and Viddler founder Rob Sandie.
"Time is your most valuable asset. Hustle. Fail fast. Do what you love."

Big picture advice from founder Rob Sandie on my most recent +Social Nerdia Q&A.

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What would you ask ex-Facebook President / Airtime and Napster co-founder Sean Parker if you could?

We asked one thing: When is Airtime coming to Android?
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