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Still waiting for an update.. #nexus5 #lollipop #android5
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Disappointed with Google.. What's the point of owning a Nexus device if you are not the first one to receive the latest updates??😠😬
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Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak & notice more than you realize.

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#attitude #motivaiton #inspiration #quotes #life #lessonslearned #quoteoftheday
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The Internet In Real Time [Infographic]

You must go see this live-- one of the most creative uses of a real-time infographic I've seen in a long time! I love this kind of stuff! 

Go see it live right now:

The screencap I have below only shows 30 seconds but it will keep going and going as long as you're on the page! 

The creators of this infographic (that may not even be the name for it) basically took data from all over the place such as:

- Number of tweets in a day
- Number of hours of +YouTube watched every hour
- Number of +1's per day
- Number of Apple and +Android apps downloaded every day
- Etc...

And used that data to break down that data by second so that they could display it in real time. Really brilliant stuff. I almost feel like it's worthy of it's own blog post on #idea  

Anything about this surprise you?

HT +Irfan Ahmad and +Christine DeGraff for the find! 

#infographic   #stats   #gif  
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Lets all have a F5...

and enjoy the weekend! 
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9 new features in Google+ for Android

1. Auto Awesome Stories now combine your photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful travelogues. You can read more at

2. Auto Awesome Movies are now available on Android, iOS and the web, so lots more people will receive highlight reels of their photos and videos. Here’s one example:

3. You can now create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand. Just tap the new plus button in Photos, and select either Motion or Mix.

4. Really big photo libraries are now supported on Android, so you can access your many thousands of photos quickly and easily.

5. You can now browse your entire photo library, as well as your highlights, by date. Just drag the new scroll bar to move forwards or backwards in time.

6. Profiles now display total content views on both Android and the web. (You can choose to show or hide this number via settings.)

7. A new navigation menu makes it easier to switch between your favorite circles and communities, as well as other places in the app.

8. It’s a lot easier to share content from your phone or tablet. To give it a try, just tap the new pencil icon at the bottom right of the stream.

9. The app menu now slides away as you move down the stream, letting posts fill the entire screen.

Look for the new app as it rolls out gradually to Google Play (, and let us know what you think!

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hahaha.. awesome.. :D :D
How Titanic Should Have Ended

I found this amusing. Perhaps you too shall be amused with it as well. we can be "Amusebros/brahs" and our high fives shall be epic.

#titanic #gif #gifness #geek  
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Why Our Brain Loves Visual Content - infographic
To enlarge image:

"As humans, we are biologically wired to process the world visually. We understand images instantly—long before we learn the language to describe them. That is why visual communication is the most powerful medium for transferring volumes of information.

In a world of exponential information growth, we crave content that is efficient, engaging and easy to synthesize. Thus, communication as a whole, both in media and the enterprise, is becoming increasingly visual. But successful content is not simply created from words and pictures thrown together. It is crafted with intent, understanding and a solid framework."

This infographic from  +Column Five media breaks down why we love visual content.

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time..
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