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The Landscapes of 'Chiltern Hills East' map
My other thing is walking and taking pictures. All these pictures are of landscapes which are on or very near to this map (OS Explorer Map - Chiltern Hills East) The River Thames reaches 'Clivden Cliff' near Cookham A chalk stream in Burnham Beaches - a 927...

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A History of the Scale of Homelessness in England
This is a brief history of trends in the scale of homelessness in England. I wanted to do this in order to work out whether current levels of homelessness and more specifically rough sleeping are unprecedented or not and also to identify causes in the trend...

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Memoirs of a time traveller
Memoirs of a time traveller Departure Awake The deep Inside What the water
gave us Apocalypse The sick and the
dead Submission Deeper and deeper Subterranean Safe Dragging up the
past Die die die Departure There were seven of us
when we went. We were so ...

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I've never really bothered looking on here. Turns out that it's full off blog posts that came here by magic!
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