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Ed Morgan
Renaissance man, comic book connoisseur, legend.
Renaissance man, comic book connoisseur, legend.

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This one is for my lost, and much loved Identica brethren +Andy Cowling, +David Marsden, +Luke Slater, and +Richard Cutts.

Merry Christmas guys, I love you all <3

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Anyone who lives in #Woking (GU22), can you tell me when the bins are collected? Once again, the council website is completely unworkable..

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Give the man some money, he's awesome! Live on LO at the moment, BTW. :)

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This is great. I particularly like this part:

See, I'm a part of Generation X, the post-Baby Boom era kids who grew up on a mental diet of Beavis and Butthead and Alice in Chains. We wrote poems about how angry we were at our fathers, wore goatees like weapons and made panties burst into flames by playing Pearl Jam's Black on our acoustic guitars.
The change between generations (don't take it too seriously):

Any #London peeps know of anywhere I can rent a room short term? Please spread the word! 

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"You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a fuckin' challenge.." #scroobiuspipyo

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No offence to vegetarians

'pkg_add -r xorg' goes to make a cup of tea...
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