For Android Police:

Pretty much the complete opposite of fancy.

The white circles (created in SimpleText) are circle launcher widgets (created with the app of the same name), with the exception of the small one in the first link, which is the app drawer. Status and dock bar are made visible by up swiping and down swiping, courtesy of ADW Launcher Ex.

The icons on the dock are a one stop shop for stalking and bothering my bf conveniently. On the left, direct dial. Center, a popup folder containing text only icons for his contact card, Twitter, FB, YouTube, website. Thanks to Twicca for making creation of the Twitter bookmarks to the app so smooth. All icons for this were also created in SimpleText. I'd show you, but identifying info and all that jazz. On the right, direct text.

In the status bar, from left to right: Weatherbug Elite, hotspot, 3g, reception, clock reminder, battery, and time. Black status bar love to JAMT Flat Black theme.

Wallpaper? What wallpaper?

CyanogenMod does a great job of running the show, and and as mentioned, ADWex is to thank for much of the homescreen UI.

ADW Launcher ex:



Weatherbug Elite:

JAMT Flat Black:


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