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Very usefull :)

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I reset the camera ( to have perspectives and symmetry in the middle ) I turn on curvilinear and kaleidoscope on and they have different center points ).
And in previous beta there was possibility to change size of curvilinear guidelines "sphere", now I can only move it around canvas. 

For updated version:
Great to have option to save ( save copy ) or discard at create new :D
Symmetry tool is still "focused" to center of the screen ( not canvas ) also will be great to have "reset" option ( reseting to center of canvas )

When I click "open" program is crashing :( ( all the time ).

All from me at this moment :)

ps. Good update!

Hi Sean. I have two things.
Question: why PDS files "are generated over an internet connection" ? Can't this be done localy ?

About stylus buttons: at this moment there is only four options to choose ( three + "nothing ), it will be great to have there color picker :)

ps. Can't wait for final release :D

One more thing ( at this moment ), it focus my attention first time in another painting app, it was ( and still is :/ ) super annoying for me and I discover it also in IP :(
It's something like autosave when I click "New" picture. IP always save picture, so that:
1. create a lot of trash which I must delete manually.
2. Waste time ( and of course memory ) to save this garbage.
In my opinion IP should ask user what to do: Save or discard ( and create new ).
Also will be great to have: "Save as.." option ( when I already have saved picture ) so I can save another versions/stages of one picture.

Hi, is there a way to setup/reset/change symmetry axis ?
I see that it's setup automatically at center of screen. It will be great to have reset button ( middle of picture ), setup button ( drag zone or something but not always active ).
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