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Plays well without others
Plays well without others

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I dont think I could make this up....

Developer: "Can we just trust that the developers do a good job and not test this?"

no. No we cant.

"Trust no one. Verify Everything" thats my motto

Its been a long time since I did any localization work.

Long enough that PseuodoLoc is a revelation to me. That shit is awesome.

Just when I think Ive seen everything...

Did I possibly encounter a developer who made a big code change and then never rendered it on a browser before declaring it ready to test?

Did I?


I havent had much time to do work on Ol 78 recently.
I did take it to the two local fixit shops. The first, when I called said "A Bus? I dont know if we can get it on our rack. Oh its a short bus? SUre bring it by and lets see if we can do it"

This encouraged me. I had the same shop replace the driveline on my 1984 BMW when I had that car about four or five years ago and I liked the shop. Tis became quite relevant when I did take the bus to the shop and they said "Oh, sure that will fit. What year is it?" 1990. "Oh we dont work on anything thats more than 10 years old."

I get why that is. Ive known many motorcycle shop owners and the cut off has been a decade for a long long time. But really, I'd think that would be a pretty relevant question to ask up front.

Oh well.

I stopped at the other shop on the way home. I didnt know them at all. But it was an even shorter conversation "Nope. I dont touch diesels"

Ah well.

So the nearest diesel place that might do the work is about 15 miles away. So Im trying to find the time to make arrangements for a reliable ride to get me there and back after dropping off and then picking up.

Really I dont want much here. Just a professional to do the overdue maintenance: glowplugs, fluids, filters. Scope out the running gear and whatnot. So I have a clean "base" to work from when I do my own work.

In the meantime, its been a bit of a bitch to get started. I figure its got some weak glowplugs. THe internets says this International 7.3 tends to go through them. Ive had to have the block heater plugged in and the battery charged up to have any hope of starting it.

Then, over the last couple days, it would run the battery completely down without actually lighting off. Bummer. I thought I'd have to do all the work now. The biggest challenge there is finding the time to do the work and learn my way through it.

While I was working my way through forum posts and youtube videos about replacing glowplugs on this motor, I encountered a comment on a video about a procedure for firing these up when "cold"

Turn the key
Wait for the "Wait to Start" light to turn off
Floor the throttle
Crank the motor
as soon as it catches, let off the gas.

Holy shit! that worked like a champ!

Tomorrow I will try to light it off the same way without having the block heater plugged in overnight. I got my fingers crossed that I have learned a primary quirk.

I guess Ive gotten used to Injected motors where you dont fool with the gas when starting. 

Now I began my RPG play back in the mid-70s. So Im a bit old-fashioned. I get it, things change. But some things I read, particularly on RPG subreddits make me questions things.

1) "As a DM, how do I stop being afraid of PC's dying"?

Dafuq? Kill a bunch. you will get over it. Okay, yeah, thats a bit of hyperbole. Its not the GMD/DM job to kill PCs. shit, when you control the whole world, that's just too easy. But to be "afraid" of it? Bah. Sack up, kid

2) "Some of my player rolled higher stats than others and they are having too easy a time in combat compared to the others, how do I fix this?"

It aint broken. This isnt "No Child Left Behind". Play the hand youve been dealt and figure out other ways to be effective. Yes, this is more cranky hyperbole, but come on folks...

Excellent session today.
I bagged two PCs (well they bagged themselves. I dont ever set out to take out a character)

Level 9 party of six learned a healthy dose of respect for ghasts in packs who know enough to stay within the very large anti-magic zone.

paralyzed plus multiple coupe de grace attacks. Which represents being paralyzed while the ghasts eat your entrails in front of your horrified eyes

Oh that had to suck

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As I consider the sort of end result I am working on with this bus thing and I frequent relevant forums and reddits...I encounter this, without the satire on an all too frequent basis.

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I do think I will need some of this..

I remembered an old gag today. The truth is deep.

"I test software. My whole job is telling programmers that their children are ugly"

This gig is an entirely different sort of experience for me.
Its a dev-driven start up. And QA is a pretty new practice for them.

First, they believe that all testing can be done via automated means.

Second, they will not fix bugs already in production.

Third, bugs that are found during a sprint tend to be set aside because they arent severe then they go into production where they will never get fixed.

Why the fuck have QA at all then?

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