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 Hey, I fantasize the puppy made it to it's ultimate destination, a loving owner that wanted it more than Ms. Puppy mill did.  Beyond that, yeah it made me really sad when watching the commercial. 

If that's what GoDaddy wants me to think of when I think of their product, they are SPOT ON.  They "sold" my URL without advance warning to someone in Japan and it took a lot of time, effort, and tech savvy to get my URL back on my own. Prior to that, GoDaddy took money from me to try and to get it back from the foreign country, and didn't seem to make an effort and I didn't get any response or re-purchase price from the new owner, no thanks to GoDaddy.  

When my other valuable URL -- which was THANKFULLY managed by Network Solutions came up for renewal, Network Solutions held the URL for a substantial (many months) grace period before they made sure I had been contacted personally and given a chance to renew it.  GoDaddy IS A PUPPY MILL, selling what they "control" at the first chance to anyone without caring or putting out a real effort to reach the original owner, who has spent possibly years building a brand based on that URL.  Would you do that with your dog that you love but can't keep????  Send it overseas ?????  Not give a thought to the old owner who may still want it?

Well Done, GoDaddy.
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