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A correspondent asks Geek Feminism Blog how to write a scene where a superheroine gets beat up. He gets a good response, but I would add something:

Do your research. Watch video of women boxing, or wrestling. I think there's a women's version of MMA now, too. Or go to a dojo where there are women. I know they exist, I learned ju jitsu from a woman. Watch "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

And never, ever forget that that fighting expresses character and mood.
I am male who wants to write a novel about a female superhero. Since this is a superhero novel there will be violence and at some point my hero will have to lose a fight (though of course she wins in ...
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I will preface with I, too, have trained with women in martial arts. And apart from making a conscious effort to not make them uncomfortable, I've found them to be pretty similar to their male counterparts. And by similar, I mean I've found some to be passive, some to be in it for the physicality or the technique, and one or two to be a little crazy. My advice on the super villain v. super hero combat is:

A super villain's goal is victory. If it's delivering an ass beating, as the writer suggests, I don't think gender enters into it, unless the hero is male and is not wearing a cup, actual or its equivalent. So I think treatment of the physical conflict is driven by the villain. However, assuming a male villain, he could certainly spew all manner of gender-related denigrations followed by, in victory, other things. But I believe these possibilities are not on the table in this scenario, thankfully.
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