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Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo
Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo


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I kind of like the ability to save web pages to Dropbox, but I wish the saved files could be in markdown rather than PDF. It'd be best if the whole page were saved as markdown (the way that does it), but barring that, a simple markdown file with the title (the way the PDFs are titled) and a link inside to the original article would be fine.

I've added a web page to a Feedly Pro Board and highlighted it. I would like to share the highlighted version with my book club. When I click on the link symbol, it gives me the URL of the original article. Is there a way to get a link to my highlighted version?

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I added a link to to one of my Feedly boards. When I follow that link to the web page, it goes there just fine, but when I select some text to highlight, the page jumps without waiting to a weird, blank page ( Nothing can be highlighted.

I upgraded to Pro because of annotations, so I hope this problem can be solved.

Can't find any support pages on I want to suggest a feature that seems to be missing: the ability to mark all the stories on a page as read without marking all the stories in the feed as read. This works on the Android version but not the web version. Google Reader had this feature and I find it invaluable.

So Feedly people, please consider adding this or making it visible if it exists already. Thanks.

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George Entenman commented on a post on Blogger.
In fact, I saw this item using Feedly.

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George Entenman commented on a post on Blogger.
Google Reader was my most useful tool for receiving news. It must have helped journalists get news out, too. Nuf said.

How to change words next to my photo and name in  google  profile?  I don't even know what that is called.

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Have you tried Teamviewer?
+WebEx sucks, even on OS X.

That is all.

Can anyone recommend a cross platform (Windows/OSX/Linux) screen sharing program?

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I'm trying to export markdown from Scrivener.  I've read Hunder Emkay's long article about using markdown in Scrivener, and I see the repeated assertion that Scrivener can export Markdown, but there's no explanation of how to do it.

The Scrivener Export command doesn't have any mention of markdown.  I can export plain text files, but they don't have any kind of Markdown header records.  And I certainly can't find a way to get .md file extensions.

The Compile command says it can export to MultiMarkdown, but I get a bunch of weird .png files.

I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't find simple instructions to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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