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Objections to +'ifying Google Reader

I've just read several stories that Google will more or less kill their RSS reader "Google Reader" and make it a part of Google+ instead. While I welcome the integration of services, I explicitly object to them doing this before Google+ becomes available to Google Apps users.

“We think the end result is better than what’s available today, and you can sign up for Google+ right now to start prepping Reader-specific circles,” writes +Alan Green, but that statement seems to ignore the fact that Google Apps users cannot sign up for Google+ yet.

I use my Google Apps account for many things, including Google Reader. I have lots of information in there -- feeds, starred stories, and so on. If Google shuts down Google Reader with the excuse that users can find it in Google+ now, I will effectively lose all my RSS data. Yes, they let me export the data to use elsewhere, but don't want to leave Google. I'd like to continue using Google Reader, in whatever attractive form it will develop. If I can access it with my Google Apps account.

When Google+ launched, one feature was "Sparks". I thought that would be some kind of RSS functionality, but it seems to be just dynamic search results with a filter to show only new web content. This was disappointing, but it's not too late to implement "Reader+" similarly to "Sparks". But ... it's still inaccessible to me until Google+ is available for Google Apps users.

There are bound to be lots of users in my situation. Help! Can we make Google postpone the death of Google Reader, at least until Google Apps users can access Google+? Or what is Google's migration strategy for us?
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Google Apps support is imminent ( so that will solve one part of the puzzle.

I, for one, am enthusiastic that they will merge Google Reader into Google+. All my friends and family are simply not on Google Reader, so its tedious to share interesting posts with them without resorting to something medieval as mailing them the article or link.

I have always been amazed by how every Google service had their own social features. You can star, share and like in Google Reader. You can favorite and thumbs up on Youtube. Then there was Buzz with its own twist and all were incompatible with my Chrome bookmarks, so there's no overlap. Now there's a supposedly unifying element, +'s, that could allow me to move interesting content between Google services.

The downside I see however, is what they're going to do with all the features people have come to rely upon, but aren't compatible with just being a +1. A like isn't a star, so which one is the counter-part of a +1? I do hope that Reader will simply replace Sparks, perhaps in the form of their supposed Flipboard alternative (Google Propeller).

To me Google Reader doesn't have to be just a RSS-feed reader, but it could also help me discover new content based on content I've 'liked' in the past, topics I want to follow (Sparks) and what's trending at this point in time. Perhaps they should merge in Google News while they're at it.

Either way, we'll have to wait and see what Google is going to do to Reader, perhaps they'll only update the UI and replace likes with +1's.
Google+ for Apps "within a few days" is certainly fantastic news! Thank you very much for this link.

"help me discover new content based on content I've 'liked' in the past"
I'm sure you're familiar with the two "Recommended items" and "Recommeded sources" in the sidebar?

You've got a very good point about all those different kind of +/like/star/whatnot marks. I think they can all be reduced to exactly two: some sort of "like" notion (the +, obviously), and some kind of "let me flag this" notion (the star, sadly missing from G+, but I'm guessing it will come eventually).
I'm familiar with the Recommended Items, but rather than giving me new feeds to subscribe to, I wish Google would suggest me individual posts to read. Basically it would be my own personalized version of Hacker News/Reddit or Google News based on interest rather than topic.

I wish they would turn stars into some sort of Bookmark and integrate those into Google+ in a Delicious fashion. The current bookmark management in Chrome seems kind of broken and in the end we star content because we want to 'store' it for later use.

And while they're at it, give me the same Instapaper-functionality that Apple built into iOS5, so I cache the stuff on wifi and read them when I have the time.

I guess I'm just daydreaming now, but I rather than having us go to different services for all these features, it would be much more powerful if we had one service that did all of the above.
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