Objections to +'ifying Google Reader

I've just read several stories that Google will more or less kill their RSS reader "Google Reader" and make it a part of Google+ instead. While I welcome the integration of services, I explicitly object to them doing this before Google+ becomes available to Google Apps users.

“We think the end result is better than what’s available today, and you can sign up for Google+ right now to start prepping Reader-specific circles,” writes +Alan Green, but that statement seems to ignore the fact that Google Apps users cannot sign up for Google+ yet.

I use my Google Apps account for many things, including Google Reader. I have lots of information in there -- feeds, starred stories, and so on. If Google shuts down Google Reader with the excuse that users can find it in Google+ now, I will effectively lose all my RSS data. Yes, they let me export the data to use elsewhere, but don't want to leave Google. I'd like to continue using Google Reader, in whatever attractive form it will develop. If I can access it with my Google Apps account.

When Google+ launched, one feature was "Sparks". I thought that would be some kind of RSS functionality, but it seems to be just dynamic search results with a filter to show only new web content. This was disappointing, but it's not too late to implement "Reader+" similarly to "Sparks". But ... it's still inaccessible to me until Google+ is available for Google Apps users.

There are bound to be lots of users in my situation. Help! Can we make Google postpone the death of Google Reader, at least until Google Apps users can access Google+? Or what is Google's migration strategy for us?
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