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2 Timothy 3:16-17
2 Timothy 3:16-17

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Is the body of Christ and Jesus Christ one and the same?

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Doctrine - OAC's version of Jesus
“owergestelde” has spoken... The OAC
Confession of Faith states that they believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of
God. OAC members will also freely proclaim that they believe in Jesus Christ
and that they believe He is the High Pries...

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Doctrine - 7th heaven
heavens! OAC member
#1 wrote: “... Everything that the Old Apostolics
believe can be quoted from bible scriptures ...” OAC member #2
wrote: “... Ons kan als bewys waarin ons glo deur
die skrifte ...” For those of
you who don’t understand Afrikaans, thi...

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"Bread breaking" vs Bible study, Samson and his hair

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Doctrine - Bread breaking
crumbs! OAC member
#1 wrote: “... No razor shall come on the head of
Samson because his might is in his hair. So beloved let's look this teaching in
a spiritual concept, what is this hair that must not be cut and who is Samson
today? ...” OAC member
#2 w...

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OAC version of the history of their church

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History - OAC version
the horse’s mouth Growing up
as an active member in the OAC, the full history of the OAC was always withheld
from us. Back then we were always led to believe that the OAC could trace its
roots directly back to Jesus and the apostles. It was believed th...

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Contrary to popular belief within the OAC, their founding father, "apostle" Klibbe also believed in the literal return of Jesus Christ.

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History - "Jesus Christ will come again" - C.G. Klibbe, 16 Oct 1913
"...9. I believe
that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again as surely as He has ascended into
Heaven, and by His glorified appearance the first fruit of the dead and living
who hoping for His coming, shall be changed and united and that these His first
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