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Strum Tommy--STRUM!

+Tommy Emmanuel

+1 that still a thing?

Repaired my pedalboard, finished up a spreadsheet and now shoveling dog shit.

This is the life bitches.

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Howdy friends. I wrote this Guitar Player article just prior to my maiden voyage to CAAS (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society) this past summer.

My 'Holistic Guitar' approach is one that should be familiar to the Chet crew. This features some easy, tasty licks along with some real knuckle-busters.

Fun for the whole family. Tune up and lets go.

Focusing on playing steel string acoustic guitar over the past few years had given me a newfound appreciation for open strings.

In this Guitar Player Magazine lesson I explore the idea of Holistic Guitar--an approach where conventional fretboard "box patterns" are expanded to include the entire guitar neck.

Cool-sounding stuff that's easy to play---isn't that all any of us want?_

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Shattered my phone's screen last night. This morning was the most productive morning in months.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Hanging with friends blowing on some tunes.

It's not too late to give Peace a chance.

I'm happy for those who are marching for science today.

Also, I'm pretty pissed that we have to March for science.

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In 1989 I was studying at Musicians Institute. I was walking down Hollywood Blvd past Grauman's Chinese Theatre where U2 were playing a concert--right on the street (Yes, U2 were already big stars in the late 80s).

I didn't stop. I was on my way to hear Albert Collins. I remember Susan Tedeschi was on the gig too. Albert KILLED it that night--as he did every night.

Rummaging around old cassette tapes, I rediscovered the only autograph that remember ever requesting from anyone: Albert Collins signed the tape of that concert and was the sweetest guy ever.

Thank you Albert. We love you.

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Thank you Allan Holdsworth. We love you. #RIP
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