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Okay, here's a crazy thought I've been kicking around: use the stats and character creation rules and stuff from WEG d6 Star Wars, but the dice rolling and task/conflict resolution from Burning Wheel. Once I figure out what to do with "plus pips," I want to give it a whirl. 

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Man, I need to get faster at writing these things... Here's the continuing saga of my rewrite/renovation of B5: Horror on the Hill. #thisoldmodule  

+Harley Stroh is shouted-out at because he wrote my favorite witch in RPGs

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I got these dice for Arkham Horror via Kickstarter a while back, but I'm just now getting around to doing cool things with them that they weren't intended for. 

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My brain decided that 1st-level characters are too young to make reasonable decisions about alignment. Here's why. 

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Today I'll be hosting an Actual Play livestream of Beyond the Wall for +Drink Spin Run - An RPG Talk Show Podcast's series of Actual Play podcasts. If all goes according to plan, we'll start with playbook-style character creation at 1p EST and play until about 3 or 4p. If you're interested, drop by the link below to watch on G+ Hangouts on Air our stop by our Twitch page at to tune in. 

I'll be starting an MA game shortly on and I noticed that there are no character sheets for the game in Roll20's library and no one seems to be talking about MA on Roll20's forums. I don't NEED a character sheet to run MA via Roll20, but it sure would help. Is anyone here working on one? 
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