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+Kathryn Muszkiewicz​ & I caught The Void on Netflix last night. To everyone who gushed about how it was awesome Lovecraftian horror, what the hell were you thinking? This thing was complete trash. More like John Carpenter physical realist horror done incredibly poorly than anything even vaguely cosmicist, let alone existential. The film was also further crippled by appalling acting and terrible dialog. There was nothing remotely creepy about this film. Extreme dislike. 

I think this should be fairly obvious, but I think we're out for the night. We'll be celebrating the birth of our nation by blowing up a small chunk of it. 

Me: It's an RPG called Trail of Cthulhu.

+Kathryn Muszkiewicz​: Like, dysentery and cholera and bears and Cthulhu? I'd play that.

Me: Oh, man, if only... I'd play that, too. 

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Session Recap

Here's what we sorted out in Tuesday night's session:

The crew is a [Cult] -- the Last Adherents of the Sensate -- devoted to an alluring but sinister demon (the Sensate) that occasionally manifests itself in the real world. They are assisted by a gang of Elite Adepts, cultists of a scholarly and scientific (occultic?) bent. The cult operates out of a perfumerie and aromatics shop (secretly an alchemical shop) in a middle-class neighborhood in Ur-Hadad, where they operate a workshop as well as a secret ritual sanctum.

The cult operates in territory that belongs to the Swaggernauts, but their strongest relationship is with the Bloody Successors, who helped the cult set up their shop (and attendant workshop and sanctum) after the cult's shipments of telepaphrodisiacs were interrupted by adventurers. In the process, the cult ended up attracting some followers away from the Cult of the Gloaming Deeps. Due to their connections with the Swaggernauts, the pawns of the Faceless Vizier openly distrust the cult.

Tim, Craig & Gabriel made characters which, other than a few personal details, are fairly well fleshed-out. I'll let you gents talk about your characters. 

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The Bloody Revolution

The revolution began with an almost comical incident: a pack of ver-men burgled a stash of telepaphrodisiacs (contagious psychic aphrodisiacs) from a merchant in the Lucrewarren's Memory Market, and the chain of events that ensued exposed previously unknown Bloody Successor agents who had intended to use the drugs to spread confusion that the terrorists could exploit. This plot was foiled, as were several of the Successor's assassination attempts, by a string of adventurers, including the Maegor Agency, culminating in the Successors' assault on the Grand Circus, which itself proved to be merely a distraction while the Successors took control of key neighborhoods throughout Ur-Hadad, seizing the city for themselves. Throughout the city, loyalists, opportunists and ne'er-do-wells like the Divine Order of the Purple Tentacle fought back against the Bloody Successors and were ultimately successful in helping the Grand Vizier regain control of the city. The purges of Successor faithful had not yet concluded when the Grand Vizier disappeared from a parade during the Feast of Ash, the event which kicked off the Faceless Vizier Crisis, and many Successor agents went to ground, hiding among both the nobility and the common man of Ur-Hadad. 

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_And for your part, who shall you be? _

Which playbook are each of you thinking about picking up? As a refresher, the options are:

Cutter -- a dangerous & intimidating fighter
Hound -- a deadly sharpshooter and tracker
Leech -- a saboteur and technician
Lurk -- a stealthy infiltrator and burglar
Slide -- a subtle manipulator and spy
Spider -- a devious mastermind
Whisper -- an arcane adept and channeler

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The Bloody Successors

Tier IV (Conspiracy)

A strange partnership between nobility and disenfranchised under classes, the Consanguine Alliance To Restore The Succession -- the Bloody Successors -- is a pervasive conspiracy dedicated to the reinstatement of the office of the Pasha of Ur-Hadad. When the last Pascha died ninety-some years ago and the Regency of the Grand Viziers began, the Successors claim that a last branch of the Pasha's lineage survived in a far-flung holdfast. Several years back, during the attempted coup known today as the Bloody Revolution, the Successors seized key territories throughout the First City, assassinated many unaligned nobles and even made an attempt on the life of the Grand Vizier himself. Though the coup was stopped through the intercession of the Maegor Agency and other adventurers, the resultant chaos of the Faceless Vizier Crisis prevented the conspiracy from being completely wiped out. Today, the existence of the Bloody Successors is something of an open secret, and membership is attractive to those who lost much in the Crisis and the draconian order that followed it.

The heir returns to Ur-Hadad - 10
Strike a blow against the Bureaucracy - 6

For Free RPG Day, I will be running +Thorin Thompson​'s fantastic funnel (or "fuzzle" if you're +Donn Stroud​) at Fanfare in Kalamazoo MI at noon! Come and earn your place in Valhalla! 
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