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Google+ Photo sharing question:

Can I publish photos publicly on google plus without posting to everyone who has me in a circle?

Scenario: I wish to publish photos to those people who were at the event I have photographed. Some of these people are not on G+ and do not even know what it is. I set the photo visibility to Public so those people can view the photos. I do not want the photos to appear in the stream of everyone that has me in their circles.

I am not concerned that everybody can see the photos if they browse for them. It is just that I do not want to dirty everyone else's stream with stuff that they are probably not interested in.

I guess the question may boil down to this: is there a separation between setting photo visibility and choosing photo sharing options.

(this is a little confused by the fact that you can still set visibility via the picassaweb and it includes the limited visibility -> only those with the link. G+ is aware of this level of visibility but does not support setting it)

One possible solution is to share with public and then delete the post that appears in my stream - or does that remove it from my stream only?? Even if this works then I assume all comments to those photos will go to everyone's stream??

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If you can read this hit the share button, but don't give it away.

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Some News: I have just accepted a job as software engineer for the control systems on this quite large experimental physics instrument:

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This looks interesting. An HTML 5 based OS. Get signed up and check it out.

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Hey all,

I am volunteering with Reading Museum and a charity called 'We are What we do' on a project called historypin.

The idea is to strengthen communities by getting them talking about their local history. The historypin website lets you pin photos and stories to a world map (including overlaying them on streetview).

The Falkland Islands already have a few pinnings and Reading has lots.

If you have any good photos/stories to share why not give it a go?

Here are a couple of examples pinned by me.,-59.557556/zoom:9/date_from:1840-01-01/date_to:2001-12-31/dialog:6165486/tab:stories_tab_content/,-0.977071/zoom:17/date_from:1840-01-01/date_to:2001-12-31/tags:chris walton/sv:6617274/heading:352.51375/pitch:-6.78875/sv_zoom:1.00000/
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