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Shantell Lucas
Mommy, wife, chef and kind of crazy!
Mommy, wife, chef and kind of crazy!

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Hi peeps! I'm really happy to be blogging again, its taken me way too long to get back into the rhythm of things. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the blog and to all the viewers who take time out of the busy day to come take a peek at the latest...

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Hi Peeps! I  good  be back on The Chef Mother after an *almost year sabbatical. What a year it has been too. From working on a novel, to moving in to a new home; its been a wonderfully busy year so far. Before i start blogging again, I'd really appreciate s...

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Pride and Talent!
Hi peeps! Its been a fantastic weekend for us with perfect weather. Can feel the African summer is here. I am blessed to come from one very big; very loving and very talented family. I can boast painters; poets; philosophers and novelists. My gran is a tale...

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Hi peeps! We are at the end of another week and its time to kick off those shoes and unwind for the weekend. I collected some of images of the most delicious and stunning-looking cocktails from the web; hope you enjoy this showcase and remember to always dr...

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Hi peeps! So today we take a nice look at these salty flowerbuds and what's so cool about them. I love capers; especially with pastas and fish dishes. Pronounce it: ⁠kay-per⁠ Capers are the small flower buds of the Capparis shrub, which grows in the Medite...

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Hi peeps! A few weeks ago I did a whole week's worth of blogs for Health Week and while browsing; I came across some cool, healthy recipes that are great for maintaining your weight and keeping that cholesterol level down - NOODLES WITH TURKEY; GREEN BEANS ...

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Hi peeps! I'm a bit sad today; as a friend of mine is going on holiday for 14 days and she flies tomorrow; so I'm feeling a bit sad. Music always makes me feel better and its amazing how you can always seem to find a song that suits your current mood; so I'...

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Hi peeps! Another great week planned here on The Chef Mother and I hope it follows a great weekend too! What did ya'll get up to? I went out with a friend and my girls on Saturday and then lazed about like Garfield yesterday. Its hated Monday again and I t...

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Hi peeps! So here we make it alive through another week and welcome Friday as she rolls on in. On Wednesday of this week I blogged about bacon and two gorgeous bacon recipes. While doing the research I came across the most awesome bacon food art. Honestly; ...

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Hi peeps! We find ourselves closer and closer to Halloween and to Thanksgiving (for the American peeps) and Christmas where nutmeg is used in abundance. It is nutmeg's time to step up to bat and here is some interesting info regarding this little gem of a s...
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