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Taylor Hornsby
The coolest nerd you'll ever meet.
The coolest nerd you'll ever meet.
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Checked out and came home to play with my squirrels. :) And playing Sims.

I think I'm going to check out.

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IM SO COOL LOLZZZZ !!!!11!!!1ONE!!1!1
Taylor Hornsby hung out with 2 people.Morgan Snell and Blake Stevens

We have new computers in the computer lab YEAAHHHHH!

Okay, Google+ kinda bores me 'cause you have to actually know the people on here to add them, unlike Twitter. Problem is, not many people I know have one.

I freaking love Neighborhoods. blink-182 is AMAZING.

And there he was like a blade of ice. Like a lonely road, clear day of life. Always sharp and cold, always beautiful! I am such a fool.

I'm such a Google+ noob.

Well... there's not many people I know on here.

I still don't get the whole circle thing.
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