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So why don't y'all tell me how your days is going?

I think I should write something here so people dont think I died...

Hey Google. Instead of working on all these new features etc why don't you focus on fixing BLOGGER?! It's broken again!

Do y'all blog? I do. Here is the blog....

Did you know that I"m going to Blogher in 2012?

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Did you know that I blog every now and then? Check out my latest post...

Would you take your child's boyfriend or girlfriend with you on vacation? To another country?

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I have a book. It may be funny, it may not. You won't know unless you buy it. It's only 99 cents, or 32 cents if you're Canadian

Today is gonna be another crap day. How do I know? Backing out of my driveway I hit a parked car. GRRRR. Cracked bumper on the Benzo :(

Hey assholes when you freaking call technical support you should have ALL your fucking information in front of you. Fucking dumbass.

Sucks that the Google+ app is only available on the Android Market :(
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