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Rental inflation rates
This is old news, but I had not picked up on it until yesterday. Darwin and Perth are going through a bout of rental house price deflation. That is bad for landlords and property investors. It is good for tenants. This chart supports my contention that econ...

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Population statistics
Let's look at the latest population statistics released on Thursday just past. These charts look a little different. I retired my four year old iMac, and replaced it with a new PC, built using the new1800X AMD Ryzen processor . I am running Windows 10 (bett...

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Dwelling unit statistics
Yesterday's look at the housing finance statistics prompted me to dig out some old code I wrote a few years ago and look at dwelling unit approvals, commencements and completions. The headline statistics suggest we are passing the peak of the current dwelli...

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Housing Finance Statistics
Yesterday the ABS released another dump of its monthly housing finance statistics. They suggest we are in the midst of another investor property boom.

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Yesterday we explored social assistance payments data from the National Accounts . Today we will look at some tax data in the National Accounts. This data is found in table 22. Let's start with the seasonally adjusted and trend series. We will limit ourselv...

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Social assistance payments
The quarterly GDP tables from the ABS include a wealth of data. For example, table 23 provides a quarterly read on social assistance benefits payments in current prices. For the most part, these are the payments made by the Commonwealth Government for thing...

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A encouraging GDP print
In the September 2016 quarter GDP fell 0.5 per cent in seasonally adjusted terms. At the time there was breathless reporting about being on the edge of a recession. It was not my view  and it was nice to see this confirmed with GDP growth of 1.1 per cent in...

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Update on emplyment stats

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Update on US Presidential Election
I think we are at the end of the count. The Electoral College meets on Monday. On the popular count, Hillary got 2.86 million more votes than Donald. Nonetheless, Trump won 306 electoral college votes to Clinton's 232. 2012
Dem 65918507

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Hours worked by state
Canberra is going gangbusters ... NSW has stalled ... NT is (perhaps) in decline ... Looking at quite a bit of volatility in the Queensland data, but probably a flat line. SA is on the slow improvement path. Tasmania has been without employment hours growth...
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