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Design & manufacture knives


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For Firearms Enthusiasts...
I want to let anyone interested know that I sent four guns I've owned since the mid-80s to be auctioned on March 3rd by Cowan's Auctions in Ohio. For sale are: Ithaca M37 DS Police Special 12 gauge ...

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NEW WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL
I've made the original WilkinsGRIP BMG mini grips continuously since their introduction in 2008. Recently I felt it was time to incorporate all the suggestions and ideas 7 years of experience have provided. So for 2016, I give you the WilkinsGRIP BMG mini R...

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Christmas Sale: BMG X2 in Blood Red and Hunter Green €90 each
I know I have been bad about posting here in the last few months. Honestly, I have been putting more info up on Facebook as it is just quicker. If you have a FB account, be sure and follow my Business page for updates and info on my Knives and Grips. Right ...

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5 new WilkinsGRIP BMG minis in stock!
I finally finished a new run of four types of WilkinsGRIP BMG mini grips! These are: • Swimming Pool Green translucent G11 • Frozen Margarita pale green translucent G11 • Whisky Sour pale yellow translucent G11 • Glass Coyote translucent G11 (This color is ...

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Finally got all the in stock Mytuko Cobalt Knives up on my Site
I don't know why it took so long but better late than never! The complete inventory of current Mytuko Cobalts are now up on the in stock knives page of my main website. Read 'em and purchase at will. I do only have one or maybe two of each grip variation. F...

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New Facebook Page just for my Knives and Grips
I finally have a Facebook Page to promote my knives and WilkinsGRIP products. Please have a look and click “Like” to keep up with what I’m working on. I plan on making regular postings and will be setting up an Instagram account to post pics from the worksh...

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WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Ti Grips are Back in Stock! New Series 2015 Version.
I actually managed togged these ready earlier than expected! How often does that happen in the Knife Making World? These are the new Series 2015 WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Ti grips with my "W" Logo engraved on both grip halves and featuring the same gripper serrati...

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Weekend Update: May 9th
Just wanted to let folks know that I started work on a new batch of WilkinsGRIP X2 Titanium grips last week. I finished the main inside machining ops and with a bit of luck, will finish the hand ops and then the top ops next week. The price on these will re...

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Back on my Feet!
Finally shook off that damn flu, evidently it has made the rounds here this winter. I will be taking the flu-shot this Fall. 103F fever is no fun. I badly need to update some things on my main website and will try and do that this weekend. I am raising the ...

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Been Sick as a Dog ...
This year is something. As many already know, I lost my Dad in February and even though he was 82, it was still unexpected. I'm still not near over it but have been back in Berlin cranking on the newest grips and knives and trying to get my business back on...
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