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Multnomah County Library - Albina
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Hôm nay 10:00–18:00
4 người theo dõi|635.372 lượt xem
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3605 NE 15th Ave Portland, OR 97212
3605 Northeast 15th AvenueUSOregonPortland97212
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4 người
Ảnh hồ sơ của Tyler Rivenbark
Ảnh hồ sơ của Tim Tischler
Ảnh hồ sơ của John Thomas
Ảnh hồ sơ của Ros Gregory
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Ảnh hồ sơ của Josh Williams
Josh Williams
3 tháng trước
This is a very small library with a lot of spirit! I was here shortly after it opened and it was busy with an even mix of parents with toddlers, and mature adults. This is not a quiet library, but the open friendly environment somehow created bubbles of solitude. I was able to get both research and work done with little distraction and will be taking advantage of this resource in the future. Starbucks, and Wholefoods are in the same plaza which could create issues for parking, but they also offer a nice reprieve when a break is needed.
• • •
Ảnh hồ sơ của Max Sawa
Max Sawa
10 tháng trước
This is coming from someone who is not from the area or a member of the library so take it with a grain of salt. Not a large amount of tables, and the ones they had were small and overcrowded. Very limited book selection as well. As a member of the neighborhood, this may be a good place for resources. However, as a passerby this library offered little. Also, the facilities were very clean.
Ảnh hồ sơ của Ben Rippel
Ben Rippel
3 năm trước
Good neighborhood branch. I'm sad our system is now closed Mondays and closes early in the day.
Người dùng Google
5 năm trước
best movie rental ( ;) ) place ever!
Ảnh hồ sơ của zgirl1999
một tháng trước
This is a very nice library with very nice librarians. I always feel welcome and always leave with a smile.
Ảnh hồ sơ của Sigyn Wisch
Sigyn Wisch
8 tháng trước
This library is very small and cramped, with barely any table space and no outlets; you have to go to Whole Foods instead. Their book collection is practically nonexistent, and on one label in the DVD section, they misspelled the word "foreign". I don't trust library staff who can't spell to help me with my library needs-- not that they were interested in helping anyway, because one staff member we asked about table space and outlets got quite an attitude about it. My husband and I do not see this place being in business very long if they don't make a serious effort to at least improve client services.
• • •
Ảnh hồ sơ của Carmilla Hamto
Carmilla Hamto
3 năm trước
Small but strong
Người dùng Google
5 năm trước
Best little library branch in Portland!


Có họ trong vòng kết nối
4 người
Ảnh hồ sơ của Tyler Rivenbark
Ảnh hồ sơ của Tim Tischler
Ảnh hồ sơ của John Thomas
Ảnh hồ sơ của Ros Gregory

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